Part of my history

A few months my grandpa passed away a person who always meant the world to me and still to this day and forever will be an important person in my life.

Last weekend when visiting Gothenburg I also took a trip to my hometown and visited my dad and my grandma. I got the poster in the photo. It’s a commercial poster for the Swedish Armerica Line (SAL) who sailed between Gothenburg and New York. This way my old grandpa worked his way into the US meet a German women and married here and got two children. My grandpa and his little brother. The Swedish America Line is also how grandpa with his family traveled back to Sweden when he was about 10 years old. My old grandpa worked at this ships as well or many years so I’m happy to have this poster at home but only because it’s beautiful and a great memory but also because it’s a part of my family’s hostory.


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