Best thing about Norway

I’ve lived in Oslo, Norway for over two years now. I like it here and think that it’s a great place to live. But the best thing about it is it active mindset and the relationship to nature. I get out in the forest way more now than ever and it’s the way it work. At the weekends people get out to the coast or in the forest and so do I even if I live in Oslo which is the capital. I have never experienced this kind of behavior in Sweden in the Swedes also have a special relationship to its nature but not in the same way. And the public transportation system is not built for getting out in the nature. Here in Oslo I’ve got 15-30 depending on where I’m goin in transportation time to a place to walk in the forest, cross country ski in the winter or get out to a lake or the sea. This is from central parts of Oslo but still that’s just great.


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