Top 3 places to eat in Oslo

I love to eat out and do so when I get the opportunity here in the Oslo where I live. Working by though the restaurants slowly and starting to get favorites. So I thought it’s time to recommend my top 3 places to eat in Oslo. On this list I choose the 3 places with the best food in its category according to me.

1. El Burro

To be honest the place itself is not the most cost ad beautiful ad I’ve only eaten take away from here but it’s they got the best burritos in the world if you ask me. An that’s why makes it my favorite restaurant.

2. GoGrilla

This is a food truck that serves BBQ burgers and hit dogs. And aides to tgat. I’ve got to say that the burgers especially the Austin burger is the best burger I’ve tasted in Scandinavia. 

3. Gandhi

With out no doubt the best Indian restaurant in Oslo. The interior is Indian looking. They not burned all the money on interior but it’s not Ethan okay in my opinion. Other than that it’s located in a basement but as I said the foo is the best in Oslo and it’s why it makes it onto my top 3.

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