M & K visiting

It’s weekend and me and G are getting visitors. We tried to get this together for probably over a yer but it has come a lot of stuff in between. So I’m so happy that our friends M and K are visiting us this weekend. For you who read the blog earlier M is my second cousin and K are her husband and if I recall correctly there is a blog post about us attending there wedding last summer.

They will stay with us and we will show them around here in Oslo but most of all we will hangout and catch up.

News: comment on the school attack in Sweden

I usually don’t comment on news on the blog but I just had to. I am from the western parts of Sweden, my girlfriends G have connections to Trollhättan Her grandpa lives in Trollhättan, her mom and uncle went to school there and I’ve been there and I pass though from time to time. An attack where innocent people get killed is just unbelievable. Honestly I never thought I could happed in Sweden but unfortunately it could.

My thoughts goes out to the people affected by this event.

This affected me and I just had to write something about it. I’ve been talking to my family today and checked in on almost all of them. Take care of each other out there!

Attached a clip from the news feed today about it.

Movie Review: Exodus and kings

A while ago I got some time over and I got the opportunity to watch the movie Exodus and kings. What I at first thought was just a action movie a bit like Troy or 300. In one way it where like these movies but in another way it wasn’t the story appeared to be a story from the bible about Moses and Egypt. And the actor playing the role as Moses where Christian Bale. There are several actors you recognize but their performance is not adding much to the story of I’m going to be honest. However it’s not bad acting but it’s okay.

When it comes to the scenery it’s good but I can’t get rid of the feeling of visual effects and I feel like it can be visual effects without me feeling this way.

It was a good action movie but as so many movies it was 2,5 hour and for the sake of the the story I don’t think it would be a wise move if it where a bit shorter. It’s a action movie and you get pretty much what you expect.

I think it’s was a good movie and liked it. In fact I would en recommend it. I would give it 3 out of 5 points. Attached the trailer here below.

Snow prediction…

I’m going out on a bold prediction. Right now there I a lot of cold air and it smells like its snow up in the air. But there is no snow up in the air. Because of that I think that the snow will be early this year. The cold air in combination with the rather cold summer. As long as I get the opportunity to go cross country skiing that’s okay by me.

Other than my gut feeling I read that the an America weather service predicts approximately 66 days of snow and ice and I don’t think it will be less in Oslo this winter.


Darkness is coming

It’s getting darker up north here in Scandinavia. Today where the first time I reflected over the fact that it was rather dark both when I went to work and went home.

It’s the way it works here and you et used to it. In a few weeks the Christmas lights will make it brighter and if it comes some snow that will help as well. Really hoping for the snow so I could go skiing soon again.

Yoga again 

Last night I did try yoga again and I must admit that I not was as flexible as last time and I didn’t feel as relaxed either. But I still got relaxed but not as much as last time.

Still like yoga as workout and curios to continue trying it a while more.

Night sky Photography 

Saturday night me and My girlfriend G’s dad H went out on the terress to the cottage in Dalsland and tried to take photos of the clear night sky that where filled with stars. Don’t know if I ever seen as many stars as I saw last night where almost unbelievable.

Here is a photo from the little photoshoot I had Saturday night in Dalsland.