Sunday walk

Last Sunday me and my girlfriend G took a walk along the new walk along the waterfront here in Oslo. It a rather new walk and our walk became approximately 10 km.

I took my camera with me and works o. My photography skills. Think photograph is very fun and it’s a interest I’ve got and that I really like to improve. Here are some photos from the walk.


NHL: Season has started

This week the NHL season started and I’m excited to follow it as much as I can. Hope to find time to watch it here from Norway.

Norway is not a very big hockey nation but I’m sure I will find a way to follow it. It’s not the the easiest thing here in Norway but I’m sure I will find a way.

 I’m already started to catch up help of several podcast from both North America and Sweden. So I’m super excited. 


Advertising on Instagram

It’s been talk about it for a while but until today I’ve never seen it in Sweden or Norway but now has it obviously also reached us in Scandinavia. 

I think is okay as long as Instagram is a free app and network but only as long as they can do it in a good way with information that I might be interested in and  it should look good and be relevant. As long as it is these thing I think I can handle it, if not I will most likely decrease my use if Instagram.

By the way congratulation SAS for your free extra advertising, your welcome.


Places I would like to visit in Italy

I’m very found of Italy and having vacation there. It all started a few years back when G studied in Milan and that’s when we both discovered Italy for real.

Since then we have visited Milan, Rome, Lake Como, Lake Garda and Verona together. 

Here is a list in places that I would like to visit in Italy that I haven’t been to yet:

  1. Cinqo Terra
  2. Florence
  3. Sicily
  4. Amalfi coast
  5. Pompeii
  6. Pisa
  7. Venice

The thing about this list if I know myself is that when I travel more in Italy I just find more places that I would like to visit and some of the places where I’ve been I would like to revisit.

It’s not totally impossible that there will be a trip to Italy this summer at least not in my mind see if I could work it out in reality as well.

No topic?

Today I’m a bit blank of topics for the blog. Happens once in a while and is quit frustrating. But then I write about it. I got a few reviews in the way for the blog that I’m working on. Except that there is a approximately one visits to Sweden planned with me next weeks. So that will probably become inspiration for blog posts.

See you tomorrow and hope I get some more inspiration for the blog until then.

Reading in bed

Last year I had the routine to read a book before I fall a sleep. Just a few pages each time but still. It had made me read a few books the last year which is much more than I’ve read before. But a few days ago I realized that I didn’t appreciate it as much as earlier. So I bought a subscription on Time Magazine for the next month. And I’m happy I did that because now I read a little bit in Time magazine each night and I get some more news and more in depth and I learn more about stuff. So now I’m doing this for a while but I will probably also read books again within a rather future.

Looking forward to Bali

Payed for the trip to Bali a few days ago now and I’m so excited about it. It will be a great trip and I’ve already started the preparations. I’ve started plan logistics in order to see my family before we leave. Because I’m flying out from Gothenbirg and thought it would be nice to see them when I’m in the neighborhood.

I never been to Asian or Bali so this will be a totally new experience for me which I’m looking forward to and am super excited about. All the pictures form Bali just looks great so I’ve got high expectations.

Have you been to Bali please leave some recommendations in the comments below.