Café Review: Café Da Matteo, Gothenburg Sweden

I visited Gothenburg a city where I lived for 7 years before my nice to Oslo. But one thing I always wanted to try but never got the time to do is to try café Da Matteo. It’s mentioned in several international magazines and papers and is to be seen as the best café in Gothenburg if I got it right. Its also mentioned in the Swedish White Guide that rank the best places in Sweden to eat and drink.

So I finally tried it. I tried the nougat Croissant and the apple juice. Nothing very spectacular to try and all this where good. In fact it was very good but not the best I ever tried of the top croissant of apple juice. I had higher expectations after read and heard all about it.

However the the environment where cool it’s located in a very central but still a bit secluded part of the city and with a little square in front of it with trendy stores which I also visited. But the setting of the café is old fashion. The best feature is its location and interior or to be able to sit outside and look at people. I would try it again if I got the chance. I will give it 4 out 5 points and would recommend it.



SHL: The Swedish Hockey League

The Swedish Hockey League is the highest division of hockey in Sweden and have through the years produced a lot of great players. Many have later on continued over to the NHL and a few of them have become great names. In  facts if very often ranked as the third best hockey league in the world. And there several classic teams in the league that seams like they have been there forever but there is also new teams that joined in as late as last year. So I though, why not start a new serie here at the blog for those who would like to know more about it.

This is a test and see if you like it.

So today we starting of by introducing the league. The Swedish Hockey League was in the last year called the Eliteserie but has also been know as the Swedish Elite League (SEL). I think SHL is a much better name, much more clear and feels also stronger as a brand. This is the hockey league I grew up watching and following so it’s a bit of nostalgia in it but it’s also a league that you know will produce the starts in the NHL and world for the future.

First advent

Yesterday it was the first advent. So less than four weeks until Christmas Eve and the December 24th when we celebrate Christmas here in Sweden. Unfortunately I’ve been out traveling most of the weekend wher I’ve been to Swede to help my (to-be-sister-in-law) K to move to her new appartment. So arrived back in Oslo rather late last night. But I hope to celebrate it tonight with some Swedish Glögg and some gingerbread and to get the Christmas light up and maybe listening to some Christmas music. Started to listening to Christmas music already during the road trip to Sweden during thi weekend. 

I’m so looking forward to Christmas even if it will be a butt different this year. Will include some traveling and not only to Sweden.

This is my third Christmas in Norway since I moved here and Oslo is a cosy city to be in during Christmas and December in general. So now I hope for some snow so I can go cross country skiing. 

Here is a photo of te Christmas lights I pass on my way to work every day. Not to bad.


Quick visit in Gothenburg

I’ve been in Gotherburg over the weekend for a quick visit. Not many that knew that I was in town. Arrived yesterday and helped my to-be-sister-in-law to move to her new appartment together with my girlfriend (to-be-wife-within-the-furure) G.

So yesterday pretty much went on full speed and now we are heading back to Oslo. Will be nice to get back home. This is the last visist to Sweden before Christmas so that’s a bit special.

I don’t go back to Sweden as often as when I first moved to Oslo anymore. But guess thats a sign that shows that Oslo have become home more now than before.


Over 700 post!

A few days ago I passed over 700 blog posts here on the blog and which means that there is 700 post in our archives that you can look at, read or scroll by that’s pretty amazing if you ask me. You can do excatly what you want with that infromation but it makes be happy and but proud of all of this. We are also getting closer to beat last years record on views here on the blog which I really, really would like to beat. So I will do as much as I can to provide you with good content so we can make that happened.

And once again, I wouldn’t do this with out you that are following and reading this blog so a big thanks to you!

Thanksgiving, greatful…

Time for thinks giving a tradition that became more present I my life the last couple of years. This is a tradition that not really exist in Scandinavia. But I’m blaming my American heritage approximately 12,5%. Then my girlfriends family celebrating it or at least eats thanksgiving dinner. So I though I would write what in greatful got this year.

Celebrating 6 years with my girlfriend and 1 year as engaged. That’s big for me and I’m real greatful for our relationship.

Grandpa. He passed away this summer but all memories and everything I’ve learne is pixel was. Don’t think anyone have thought me more than him.

The return of dad. Dad has always been present but this year he became very sick very fast and we had no idea of the outcome. When is came back after a few days of uncertainty that was a strong emotional moment. So having he back fully healthy that’s another thing in the list this year.

What are you greatful for?

Restaurant Review: Hvaskjer

Yesterday I visited the restaurant Hvaskjer (Norwegian for approximately what is happening) thats located in Torshov. First visit to this place and I really like it I can say you that much already now.

So lets start with the exterior, it all looks like a cinema or a small venue for concerts which is also is and a bit luxurious in the put side. When you get in you get a hipster vibe, modern, good food, rustic and focus on meat. Very dark interior which I can have a hard time to like often but not this time because the make their concept to 110% without any compromises which I really like. The open kitchen where you can see how they make your food over the open wood fire just makes it great.

And this place is a restaurant that really have focus on the meat and it’s very obvious that it is that way. I had the burger of the day which probably is the most innovative burger I ever tasted anywhere in the world. I was well composed and with Asian taste influences and probably the best meat I’ve eaten in a burger, might be of all time or might be just in Norway. Not sure about that yet. If you like fires they are perfectly crispy and just perfect inside as well but I think they would be even better without the Parmesan cheese and the spices. But still top notch fries.

If you like burgers or meat at think this is a must visit place. I will go here again just to try out the meat very soon I hope.

However, I have nothing bad to say about this place  and I really want to review it with top review but I just can’t. I can not say what it s but there is something missing that I cant pinpoint so I will rank it with 4 out of 5 points as close to 5 points as it possible gets and I will more than recommend this place.

If you want to check this place you can find more info on their webpage: or at Yelp:



6 year anniversary

Today there will only be a short post here on the blog because I got a date. A date with with my girlfriend G that I today have been together with for exactly 6 years. It is the best 6 years of my life.

Together we make a great team and she makes me happy. I hope everybody get to find their special one that together makes a great team. We all need that.

So now it’s time for a date but I see you again tomorrow.



Sunday back

As you might have noticed I’ve not been very active here on the blog for a few days or the last week because I’ve been a bit sick but now I hope to be back. So today I got out of the appartment for first time in a few days and took a walk in the park. Beautiful but cold weather.

Oh, I might not have mentioned that but the first snow has now fallen here in Oslo. 



Movie Review: Vacation

I think I’ve seen  one or two of the earlier vaction movies but I remembering thinking of them as old when I was young abd that was about 20 years ago.

I saw the trailer and at first I thought that this wouldn’t be movie for me. Somehow I changed my mind I thought that it was worth watching so I did.

To start with I think they found a good cast of actors that where a good fit for this movie. I think scenes where good and looked good as well. It is a classic Hollywood production in my opinion but in a good way. Not a bunch of akward stuff as it can be in movies like this. I think the story is good and this movie in small ways also ties back to the old serie of vacation movies.

So I like this movie, in fact I like it a lot and I wouldn’t mind a secual to it. I don’t really think what others thought about the movie and I don’t care because in my opinion this where a good comedy. Funny, good length, watchable for the whole family. So yeah, I would recommend it adn I grad it 4 out of 5 points (Which I didn’t think I would before I saw it).