Restaurant Review: Burger Lounge, South Lake Tahoe

I stopped by the Burger Lounge on my way from Emerald Bay on may to the beach during my stay in South Lake Tahoe during my California road trip.

Its looks like a small little cabin and its a fast food restaurant but with charm I would say. I liked it and think its not the place for fine dining but for a great vacation lunch wit great burger and fries this is the place I would recommend in South Lake Tahoe and for you that is on a California road trip I would almost say it’s a must in Lake Tahoe.

Located pretty much in the wood surrounded by big trees and a great place outdoors where you can eat. A bit limited with parking but most of the guests seamed to solve that issue and one way or another anyway.

I had the smoke burger which I can highly recommend. Not the absolutely best burger of my life but defiantly high standard and a great burger. I warmly recommend this place. So whats the grade? I give it 4 out of 5 points!


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