Restaurant Review: Kverneriet, Oslo, Norway

The interior of this place is trendy and cool might be the best interior for in Oslo

This is a popular place, no doubt about it. The first time I tried to eat here it was full end the second time I got a table but it was rather full then also. But that doesn’t affect in a negative way at all, quite the opposite. I like this place and the interior design is great for a burger restaurant. It’s rustic and a cross over between a barn and the industrial look at the interior and I really like it a lot. The only burger restaurant that comes close to this interior design is probably The Barn in Gothenburg. But enough about the looks, how about the food.

I had The Boss Burger with honey- and pepper glazed bacon, fried mushrooms and onions, chipotle mayo and jarlsberg cheese. A real good burger in almost perfect, in fact its so close to be perfect but it’s not totally there even if wish that it was it isn’t but it’s as close as it get to a perfect score.

The fries is world class and among the best I ever tasted.

I warmly recommend this place and in Oslo and I would give it 4 out of 5 points.



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