Top 3 sights in Oslo, Norway

When you are visiting a city there is always a few places that are kind of must see places. Do I thought I would list the top 4 here in Oslo but with a slightly different perspective. 

1. Holmenkollen

The cross country ski stadium that have a would cup race every year with is a real party where everyone is happy the. That vibe is just great. It also I’ve the ski jump which is a real piece to see for those who are interested in architecture. But one of the great things about this palace is the subway ride up because in your right side you will he a lovely view of the city form the edge of the mountain.

2. Vigeland park

The park in the center of Oslo which is the home of a lof of statues of one of the cities artist named Vigeland. The art is majestic but the park might be even more so. And if your visiting in the summer I would recommend to bring a little grill from a super market and gave a small bbq and picnic. And of its colder it’s still a beautiful park to walk around in.

3. The Opera house

One of the master pieces of arictecture in Oslo and also close by to the barcode district. Beautiful building and a rather nice view if you walk up in te roof of it which is allowed.



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