Top 3 European countries I would like to visit

Last couple of years I’ve bee. Tracking a bit more than earlier and I’ve realized that there is always more places you would like to visit. Most of the trips during the last year have been within Europe. But there are still a lot more to explore so here is my top 3 list o places in Europe that I would like to visit for the first time.

1. Switzerland 

Simple exponation been to bother nota a few times and looks stunning when you look towards Seitzerlanf every timw. Except that I like skiing and hiking in the mountains so think this would be a real nice place to visit. Also think it’s a place that have a few nice views to offer and that would be amazing to get the opportunity to photo.

2. Croatia

Have a national park with a lot of stunning waterfalls have I seen in internet and then have nice beaches, good food and cost town and villages. Seams like things I will enjoy.

3. Iceland

A life long dream to visit with volcanoes, glaciers, hot springs and also a beautiful and wild nature. What more can I say, would be nice to get the chance to see and explore that.


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