Thanksgiving, greatful…

Time for thinks giving a tradition that became more present I my life the last couple of years. This is a tradition that not really exist in Scandinavia. But I’m blaming my American heritage approximately 12,5%. Then my girlfriends family celebrating it or at least eats thanksgiving dinner. So I though I would write what in greatful got this year.

Celebrating 6 years with my girlfriend and 1 year as engaged. That’s big for me and I’m real greatful for our relationship.

Grandpa. He passed away this summer but all memories and everything I’ve learne is pixel was. Don’t think anyone have thought me more than him.

The return of dad. Dad has always been present but this year he became very sick very fast and we had no idea of the outcome. When is came back after a few days of uncertainty that was a strong emotional moment. So having he back fully healthy that’s another thing in the list this year.

What are you greatful for?


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