First advent

Yesterday it was the first advent. So less than four weeks until Christmas Eve and the December 24th when we celebrate Christmas here in Sweden. Unfortunately I’ve been out traveling most of the weekend wher I’ve been to Swede to help my (to-be-sister-in-law) K to move to her new appartment. So arrived back in Oslo rather late last night. But I hope to celebrate it tonight with some Swedish Glögg and some gingerbread and to get the Christmas light up and maybe listening to some Christmas music. Started to listening to Christmas music already during the road trip to Sweden during thi weekend. 

I’m so looking forward to Christmas even if it will be a butt different this year. Will include some traveling and not only to Sweden.

This is my third Christmas in Norway since I moved here and Oslo is a cosy city to be in during Christmas and December in general. So now I hope for some snow so I can go cross country skiing. 

Here is a photo of te Christmas lights I pass on my way to work every day. Not to bad.



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