SHL: The Swedish Hockey League

The Swedish Hockey League is the highest division of hockey in Sweden and have through the years produced a lot of great players. Many have later on continued over to the NHL and a few of them have become great names. In  facts if very often ranked as the third best hockey league in the world. And there several classic teams in the league that seams like they have been there forever but there is also new teams that joined in as late as last year. So I though, why not start a new serie here at the blog for those who would like to know more about it.

This is a test and see if you like it.

So today we starting of by introducing the league. The Swedish Hockey League was in the last year called the Eliteserie but has also been know as the Swedish Elite League (SEL). I think SHL is a much better name, much more clear and feels also stronger as a brand. This is the hockey league I grew up watching and following so it’s a bit of nostalgia in it but it’s also a league that you know will produce the starts in the NHL and world for the future.


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