Happy New 2016!

I just wanted to wish you a happy new year.

I would also like to thank you for reading my blog during 2015. If there is anything you think I would write more about you’re welcome to leave a comment below. I would really appreciate that.

Right now I’m on vacation in Indonesia which I hope will generate a lot of stories when I get back.

However enjoy 2016 and see you soon again.

Rollercoaster: Twisted Colossus, Six Flags Magic Mountain

It was a long time since I had one of these post on the blog but now it’s time again for a roller coaster review. This is a review from when I  visited Six Flags Magic Mountain last summer that I first now could publish here on the blog.

So Twisted Colossus where just re-opened and it as a big roller coaster, trust me in fact its the longest wood and steel hybrid roller coaster in the world. And it gives you quite some time on the ride, especially if you compare with the Swedish and Norwegians roller coaster I’ve tried earlier that often are real good but short. This is something else. It’s not the most extreme ride I’ve tried but it has some cool hang time where you hang over another ride that’s real cool. It’s a real exciting ride with its share of thrills and I really like it.

I would rank it 4 out 5 points and I would definitely recommend it. I attached a video from Sharp Productions at youtube if you want to check it out.

NHL: The New Overtime

This season the NHL introduced 3 on 3 and I know I’m a bit late to the subject but found this youtube video and was just impressed by the entertainment value of this part of the game. I think it shows the potential of this part of the game and how entertaining it really is. It’s a show people and I like it.

I wish the Swedish Hockey League (SHL) will pick this thing up because I think it would add something to the league. Just check this video out.

Movie Review: Growns ups 2

A few days ago I watched Grown ups 2 after seen the first grown ups movie. I have to say that the story of this squeal is much less good than the first movie. In fact I think the story is a bit thin. Its all about one day and a party. To be honest I think that the second one, have a this story or pretty close to none story at all. The main story is about the group of friends who this day will have a big party. Dispite the lack of a story its funny and a pretty good movie.

The actors are funny and the scene are made in true Hollywood style and it works.

I would barely recommend it and I would rank it 3 out 5 points but as I wrote earlier, I would recommend it.

Here is the trailer if you think it sounds interesting or you’re just are curios about the movie.

Bali – Ubud, Day 5

So today is the fifth day in Bali and try first whole day in Ubud. I woke up early and and just stayed in bed reading until the others woke up and we had breakfast. After that I went to the sacred monkey forest and first thing that happens when me and my traveling companions entered the forest was that one of the monkeys stole on of the water bottles out of the hand of one of the other. Which created kind of a fun start for all the others of us. The monkey also got the cap of and drank the water with help of the cap. Quite smart little creature and I don’t think it was the first time he pulled this stunt.

Spent over an hour in the forest which where beautiful and I got my camera with me and took a lot of pictures both of the forest and of the monkeys. 

After that we had a juice and the we walked a bit and had lunch  and then the heat took me out so I missed the planed trip to the coffee and chocolate fields which I really hate but j wasn’t able to so just to like the situation and stay in bed for a few hours to rest, cool down and get better. So sleept a little bit and continued reading my book the burning room by Michael Connelly.

That’s how far I’ve got today I promis to keep you posted soon again. Bye from Bali for now.

Bali – Ubud, Day 4

I’ve know arrives in Ubud up in the mountains and the more central parts of Bali. We started out but visiting the market and me and G have got to eat some Balinese food which is nice. The dinner we had n a very nice restaurant with a view of some rice fields and trust me I think it will be more rice fields during our stay here.

We have also visited the market and so shilopping has Ben done and I’ve found a few things. I planned to upload some photos in this post but the internet didn’t allow it so it will have to wait but there’s photos coming, just so you know. 

Tomorrow have we planned a visit to the monkey forest and then I will see what the day has to offer.

Bali – Beach day, Day 3

Today have I spent doing nothing. I really needed that and appreciates it. Pretty much stayed all day at the hotel. Done a quick visits to the nearby supermarket but that’s about it. Been at the beach all day and reading a crime novel in the sun bed.

Then I went out on the water for on the rented stand up paddle board. Then it was fantastic to be out in the water and get back into the beach and countinue to read.