A thing called Julmust

This post I purely dedicated to the classic Swedish soda that we in Sweden call Julmust. One thing that I like a lot. The English translation for Julmust is Christmas root beer.

This one of the favorite drinks for me around Christmas. And dispute what many says there are only one real brand of Julmust to chose in my opinion.

This is the soda that shocked the multinational brand Coca cola when they came to Sweden and I don’t now if it still is like this but earlier they lost 90% of sales around Christmas because the Swedes drink Julmust instead.

But this is a very Swedish thing so now when I’m living in Norway I either have to find stores that import this which is rare or I have to import it myself. But that’s things I can live with. So if you want to taste something very Swedish around Christmas in Sweden I would recommend you you try Julmust.



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