St. Lucia

13th December and its St. Lucia. A day that’s highly celebrated in Sweden. The basics I women in long white dresses where the leader has crown of candela on her head (she is the Lucia). She is followed by women in white dresses with glitter in their hair and holding a candle in their hands, these women are the (tärnor in Swedish) they are sometimes followed by men in cloths also looking a bit like white dresses with white cone formed hats with stars on and holding a stick in their hands with a star on the top. In kindergarten there could also be kids dressed as gingerbread men, Santas helpers or the the man who clean the chimney. And all of the sing songs together traditionally in the morning.

Then you get a kind of buns that often looks like cats with the taste of saffran and there is also ginger bread.

Does in sound strange of is this some you celebrate where you live as well?



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