Best movies of 2015

The year are getting close to the end of the year and I thought I would summarize the year by the best choosing the best movies that I’ve seen this year.

1. The imitation game

The movie about how they broke the enigma code. Fascinating story and in all ways a great movie.

2. Spectre

Bond did return in 2015 and in the best Bond movie since Casino Royale.

3. The theory of everything

The story about Steven Hawkin.

4. Mission impossible 5

As always one of the best action movies it the year and might be the best mission impossible movie since mission impossible 2 if you ask be. Also several scence in real Swedish.

5. Woman in gold

A beautiful story that also gives us a small history lesson with connections back to the WWII.

There are more but these are the once that made it into my top 5 list for 2015. What’s your favorite movies that you’ve seen this year.

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