Bali – Ubud, Day 5

So today is the fifth day in Bali and try first whole day in Ubud. I woke up early and and just stayed in bed reading until the others woke up and we had breakfast. After that I went to the sacred monkey forest and first thing that happens when me and my traveling companions entered the forest was that one of the monkeys stole on of the water bottles out of the hand of one of the other. Which created kind of a fun start for all the others of us. The monkey also got the cap of and drank the water with help of the cap. Quite smart little creature and I don’t think it was the first time he pulled this stunt.

Spent over an hour in the forest which where beautiful and I got my camera with me and took a lot of pictures both of the forest and of the monkeys. 

After that we had a juice and the we walked a bit and had lunch  and then the heat took me out so I missed the planed trip to the coffee and chocolate fields which I really hate but j wasn’t able to so just to like the situation and stay in bed for a few hours to rest, cool down and get better. So sleept a little bit and continued reading my book the burning room by Michael Connelly.

That’s how far I’ve got today I promis to keep you posted soon again. Bye from Bali for now.


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