Weekend plans

Last night I got back to Sweden for a weekend with friends and family. So last night we had schrimp night with G’s family. Me and my to be father in law discussed cameras, a rather interesting discussion. 

Today we will have lunch with my dad in Gothenburg before we meet up some friends at a spa here in Gothenburg where we will have spa and dinner and will stay until tomorrow when we head back to Oslo. 


Away from Facebook…

I’ve ended 2015 and started 2016 to be away from Facebook. First it started out on Bali as a way not to take time from hanging out with G during the vacation and after that it’s just keepted going. I like posting pictures but I do that on Instagram anyway now a days or at Flickr. So what’s the point of Facebook it rarely happens anything they anymore anyway and cuts time out of my life so if I dint need it for any project I’ve got I think I will try to stop using it for a while they say that it takes 30 days to change a habit I’m over halfway there already so let’s see if I keep this up. Now this doesen’t mean I can’t find other ways to do unproductive things in othe rests. Are you still using Facebook and for what?


The last few days I watched the mini tv serie Arm on Netflix. I’ve seen it earlier but didn’t remember it. It’s a story about a knight Templar. But it’s a it only about a knight it’s also about parts of Seedish history and love. It’s all based on the books about Arn written by the Swedish author Jan Guilliou. Books a really recommend. However it’s not only a a great story it’s probably one of the biggest Scandinavian productions in modern time. I didn’t recall that is was that many famous actors in the movie but it’s truly full of Swedish tv and movie stars for example Stellan Skarsgård, Gustaf Skarsgård, Joel Kinneman and many more. Impressive if you as me all from scenery, actors, photo all is a real good here. 

Warmly recommend it!

Bali – Sanur, day 12

Today I’m leaving Bali and will go back home. The good thing with today is that we left rather late in the evening. So I had a whole day at the beach first. Just what I needed just to relax and get some sea and some sun. Will miss Bali, no doubt about it. 

Had also a real good taxi driver in my way to the airport who I was talking a lot with. If I new who his name I would recommend him but I don’t have it. But we talked a lot about the culture, traditions, history and life at Bali which is so amazing and so interesting. I really would like to go back here. Seen so much the last couple of 12 days.

Time to get back! Think there are post about Bali that I will post even when I get back.

Visit Bali if you get the chance.


Bali – Sanur, day 11

So tomorrow I will go back home but today I had a great day. I took a second surf lesson at Rip Curl school of surf here in Sanur and it was just great and I had so much fun. I’m hooked and would so much like to go surfing soon again. 

By the way I would defiantly recommend the surf school had two great instructors in Anna and Ketut. Thanks!

After the surf lesson I spent the rest of the day and the beach and finished reading my third book for this vacation. Can’t remember when I read three books like this the last time. It’s so nice to just hang out on the beach and trying to improve me tan before I get home to snow and winter.

And now it’s time for dinner.


Bali – Sanur, day 10

Todays is The 10th day of the Bali trip and just back form what probably the best snorkling of my life. Water temperature thats is warmer than most warmed up pools in Scandinavia.

Rented a bout that took me and the people I’m traveling with out to two of the three islands outside of Sanur where Lembongan is one of the and been snorkeling on two great coral reefs. Was amazing to swim just above the reef with beautiful fishes for hours. It was as swimming in a aquarium. Men snorkeling in Egypt and Israel earlier but this was something else.

Been a great day, tomorrow it’s time to surf again.

Bali – Sanur, day 9

Started the day of by the pool and with some swimming and then an early lunch. After that I’ve realized a dream I went surfing for the very first time and I loved it. I took a surf lesson and it was good conditions for someone that’s new like me. The lesson went good and by the end of it I chaught my first wave by my self. So really want to do it again if I get the opportunity by the paddling back out was hard work.