Bali – Sanur, day 12

Today I’m leaving Bali and will go back home. The good thing with today is that we left rather late in the evening. So I had a whole day at the beach first. Just what I needed just to relax and get some sea and some sun. Will miss Bali, no doubt about it. 

Had also a real good taxi driver in my way to the airport who I was talking a lot with. If I new who his name I would recommend him but I don’t have it. But we talked a lot about the culture, traditions, history and life at Bali which is so amazing and so interesting. I really would like to go back here. Seen so much the last couple of 12 days.

Time to get back! Think there are post about Bali that I will post even when I get back.

Visit Bali if you get the chance.



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