Weekend with my family

I’ve spent a few days in Sweden in order to attend a meeting as a member of the board in an live saving organization in Gothenburg and in order to spend some time with my family. It took me back to Sweden for a few days which where great but it also happend a lot in  Sweden during these days.

The first players of Team Swedens world cup team was annonced and a new royal prince was born into the Swedish royal family. Both events will get posts here on the blog soon.

But either way I had an amazing time home in Sweden together with my family and I got to spend time with both mom, dad, grandma and my friends M & K. So pretty full booked weekend but I was just what I needed. Will make a quick visit to Sweden next week as well but much quicker and in order to attend a funeral. So parts of the weekend will at least be in Oslo, Norway that is something that I also need from time to time just to be home here in Norway.

Tonight when I arrived I arrived to a cold, wet and snowy Oslo and i think it will get a bit warmer within the next few days. We will see about that.

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