A new prince is born

Wednesday evening when I arrived to Sweden the Swedish royal family got a new family member. A new prince was born on the evening of 2nd March 2016. The name of the new prince is Prince Oscar Carl Olof (Olof is by the way my middle name so now I got a royal name). This is a big event in the Kingdom of Sweden and especially for someone as me who like the royal family.

We also are expecting a new royal child later during this year. But for now we’re waiting for the baptism of the newly born prince. The baptism will most likely be boradcasted on the national broadcasting company SVT (The Swedish equivalent to the British BBC or Norwegian NRK).

The royal family in Sweden is more of marking things but also as an important part of keeping traditions and the Swedish history alive which I like. The prince will by the way be the 3rd in the royal in heritage line.

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