Book review: The girl in the spider’s web

I absolutely love the first three books in the millennium series. And since the last and fourth book came I thought of reading it but I haven’t got the time for it until now. And won’t spoil the book but write more in general terms of what I thought of it. I think the beginning isn’t that good to be honest it’s a bit slow and over all big what I’ve expected. But the then I really got in to the book and it really captured me. I think this is a really good book but when I’m thinking of why the only answer is the story. The characters is good but this book expects that you’ve read the earlier books. And doesen’t go that deep into the characters. Its different from the first three books but the main heart and soul i still there even if I would expected a bit more from this both in the start and the end of the book. Still a great book that I recommend and I give it 4 out 5 points.

The Girl in the Spider's Web (Millennium, #4)

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