Photos and relaxing

Last week where pretty intense and it shows this week I’m not that full of energy but still more than enough. The grill is now out on the balcony and I use it as often as I can. The weather in Oslo is also slowly getting more like spring than winter and it really makes me happy.

I’ve spent the last few days with working on the photos from Bali for the family album. But there is also a few photos that I’m thinking of doing something more with. Not totally sure on what but pretty sure that I will come up with something.

Weekend plans

So its Thursday and I will head for Sweden tomorrow evening in order to celebrate my sisters birthday on Saturday. Really looking forward to it and to meet my sister and my family but I will also meet my sisters boyfriends family for the first time so will be interesting and fun to see who they are. He’s a great guy so they are most likely that as well.

My girlfriend has obligations here in Oslo so she will stay here in Oslo and I will see her again at Sunday evening so tonight it’s our night and we will have a nice dinnes together and hang out.

Got so much inspiration last few days so I’m just full of energy and inspiration and will see if I get som time to work on some of my ideas this weekend if I get som time off. Maybe the bustrips, we will see.

Whats your weekend plans?