10000 steps a day

I’ve been reading quite a lot lately  and everything and everywhere says it’s great to move a lot for you on so many different levels and even if it’s no surprise to me I’ve started by making sure I walk my 10000 steps every day that’s is suggested for your well being.

I’ve started to walk home from work every day. Earlier I took the bus almost every day now I’m walking instead if I don’t have any meetings or something very special plans. And started moving more in general and it feels great.

And the work with getting better routines seam to work good so far. Today’s the third day in a row that I have been to the gym.

Trying to get into workout routines 

Yesterday me and my girlfriend G decided to try to get some more heathy routines going in our life. So today were the second time at the gym in two days. Don’t know when that happens last time but feels good even if my body hurts but it’s in a good way.

The challenge is eat better Monday to Thursday and work out two times a week for 15 weeks. Got highly hopes for thi and so far it feels good. Any tips on good workout sessions?

Took this photo on my way home from the gym.

Once again I’m back in Oslo and so are my girl friend G. Last weekend and this week most of it has been affected by the trip to Florence, Italy. But this weekend we have just been in Oslo. So good to be back in Oslo and just relax and recharge my batteries. But next weekend I will be out on the roads again nothing major but there will be a trip to Sweden in order to attend a lifesavers conference. In fact this was the last weekend in Oslo for the next three weeks so needed some time at home. But really looking forward for what is planned. And will keep you posted.

Here is a photo of G (my girlfriend) in front of the Royal castle here in Oslo, Norway from out walk yesterday.

Florence, Day 4

Last day in Florence, Italy and today it’s time to leave. Time to go back to Oslo, Norway again after a great trip. Today we’ve (we = me and my girlfriend G) slept in a bit before we had a long slow breakfast and then we packed our bags and checked out.

After that we walked around in the old parts of Flornece and the city center before we went to a piazza and had a great lunch that included both antipasti, pasta and wine and where another great meal. I don’t think any other city I’ve visited so far had so high standard when it comes to food. We took a long lunch so after that we headed back to the hotel in order to pack our bags and headed to the airport.

I really liked Flornece. Have you been to Florence or want to visit it?

Florence, Day 3

Another day in Florence, Italy and Tuscany. And I’ve been out on a wine tour where I’ve visited 3 different wine yards.

All within the Chianti Classico district and with a pro as a guide. Visited 3 wine yards but just remember 2 right now and that is Casa Emma and Casa Solo.Great places and absolutely worth a visit if you’re passing by. The landscape was also something else I can’t really say that is similar to much I ever seen before.

So tasted about 10 different wines on the wine tour and found a few once that I really like and bought to take home to Oslo.

At Casa Emma we also had lunch and that was just the best tomato pasta sauce I’ve ever eaten.

After took a walk down town Florence then we took a shirt siesta before we headed out to have dinner and then we had a drink by the Saint Lorenzzo Chatedral. Another great day in Florence.

Florence, Day 2

Started out the day with a nice but rather quick breakfast at the hotel before walking to the train station in order to catch a train to Pisa. When we (me and my girlfriend G) arrived in Pisa we walked through the shopping street where much was closed but not everything to the leaning tower. By the way got to say that Pisa exceeded my expectations and is a lot more cosy and beautiful than I thought before arriving here.

The leaning tower did really lean and much more than I thought as well but I donsen’t show that much on the photos but trust me. 

After that we had lunch down by the river at a place called Il Crudo. Warmly recommend it if you just want a good sized sandwich in Italian style.

After that we took the train back to Florence and just walk around on the shopping streets and where looking for things but no joy there today but I did some shopping yesterday and think it might be more within the next couple fo days.

The we went out for dinner and a drink before we went to bed.

Florence, Day 1

Yesterday was my first whole day in Florence and it was a really good day. The started out with a visit to galleria academica where Michellangelos master piece David is located. It’s an real impressive sculpture and I can see why it’s valued as one of the best of all times. After that we wallked around and looked at famous sites here in Florence such as the Duomo and Ponte Vechio before we took lunch.

Lunch at Trattoria Borgo Antico at piazza Santo Spirito. Where I had a pizza which I almost find as one of the things you should try to eat when you’re in Italy.

After the we (we = me and my girlfriend G) continued to walk around in the city and we walked by Palazzo Vechio which really is an impressive building and after that we by accident found the Gucci Museum. I didn’t know that much about Gucci before by learned a few things and got a bit of inspiration. But I really enjoyed the timeless design as well as the achitechture and the interior which is among the best I’ve seen and holds a really high quality.

After that we left the core of Florence and hiked up to Piazzale Michellangelo which is famous for its panoramic views over Florence.

A day of sightseeing made us both thirsty and hungry so first we went to a place for drinks. The classic Italian drink Apperol Spritz and then som dinner at La Proscutteria and finnshed the meal with a glas of wine out in the streets surrounded by Italians to get to feel the atmosphere and on the way home we tried a gelato place. Then we called it a day and what a day.