Today’s my birthday and I’m turning 29 years and going strong against 30. I got to admit I don’t feel especially old and I’m having a great time, maybe among the best times of my life. Then everything has ups and downs but right now it’s going pretty well. I have a few plans for the upcoming year and I’m real lucky to have wonderful people around me both here on the blog but also otherwise.

Right now I’m in Florence, Italy and just having a long weekend but there will most likely be some kind of celebration today but the plan is to go on a wine tour and visit wine yards and just tasting great wine. If I know me and my girlfriend G who’s also with me on this trips we will probably drink some prosecco which is Italy’s answer to the French Champange.

There will also happen a lot of other things if I know my self but nothing more planed. So how about the gifts you wonder? Yes, I’ve got some gifts from G but she gave me me them last week to be exact, Wednesday evening. Here is a photo of the gifts. 

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