Florence, Day 1

Yesterday was my first whole day in Florence and it was a really good day. The started out with a visit to galleria academica where Michellangelos master piece David is located. It’s an real impressive sculpture and I can see why it’s valued as one of the best of all times. After that we wallked around and looked at famous sites here in Florence such as the Duomo and Ponte Vechio before we took lunch.

Lunch at Trattoria Borgo Antico at piazza Santo Spirito. Where I had a pizza which I almost find as one of the things you should try to eat when you’re in Italy.

After the we (we = me and my girlfriend G) continued to walk around in the city and we walked by Palazzo Vechio which really is an impressive building and after that we by accident found the Gucci Museum. I didn’t know that much about Gucci before by learned a few things and got a bit of inspiration. But I really enjoyed the timeless design as well as the achitechture and the interior which is among the best I’ve seen and holds a really high quality.

After that we left the core of Florence and hiked up to Piazzale Michellangelo which is famous for its panoramic views over Florence.

A day of sightseeing made us both thirsty and hungry so first we went to a place for drinks. The classic Italian drink Apperol Spritz and then som dinner at La Proscutteria and finnshed the meal with a glas of wine out in the streets surrounded by Italians to get to feel the atmosphere and on the way home we tried a gelato place. Then we called it a day and what a day.

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