Florence is getting closer

In just a few weeks a will be leaving Oslo for a long weekend in Florence, Italy. A place that I’ve been dreaming about to visit for quite some time now.

As you might be familiar with I’m a big fan of Italy and really like. There’s so much about Italy that I like that I almost don’t know where to start.

But right now the plan is to start of by having a day in Florence and to see Michallangeoa master piece David if all goes according to my and my girlfriend G’s plans.

We’re both also like wine so we have booked a wine tour with tastings in my birthday. I am so looking forward to this.

Then there isn’t that many plans so far but I’m pretty sure that we will find more than enough to do but the Italian food will as always have high priority as during our trips to Italy. Inlove Italy and think I’ve been there almost once a year at minimum for the last five years.

Have you been to Italy? What do you think and do you have any recommendations in Florence?