Quick stop in Milan, Italy

I’m in Italy again this country that’s one of my favorites to spend my vacation in and travel to. Every time I get here I think that I must learn their beautiful language. Should really do something about it.

However, I’m in Milan and city that me and my girlfriend G are rather familiar with. She studied here for 6 month and for that time she lived in Milan and I’m in Göteborg, Sweden. That meant that I visited here quite a lot when I got the opportunity.

We’re in Milan on our way south towards Cinque Terra (The five villages as I’ve heard it translates into). Arrive late Friday night and stayed in the channel district Navigli. So we had dinner at a place called Napoli1820 which I will review later in the blog because it was a real good place. You get to know more about it then.

We stayed at a hotel near piazza Solari review of that might also come later on. Good hotel.

Saturday we had breakfast at the hotel which where among the best hotel breakfasts I’ve had in Italy and after that we checked out and took a quick visit to the old city center with the Duomo (The Chatedral) and a lot of stores. By the way the Chatedral is so big that it’s claims to have place for 50 000 people that’s as many as it lives in total in the Swedish city of Kungälv where G are from. Pretty amazing.

Then we bought some lunch and took the train towards Levanto where we will stay during our visit.

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