National Day

Had a great weekend and I’m now back in Oslo. Today’s Swedens national day and my beloved girlfriend G’s birthday. So tonight there will be some celebration back home. I’m looking forward to it. 

I got to say that the Swedish national day is a bit low key compared to a lot of other countries but we had peace for over 200 years and been rather independent for late part of our history. We also known as a counter that helps other people in need.  All good things to be proud of. Since I moved to Norway I also appreciate and love Sweden even more. So happy birthday Sweden.

So it will be some traditional Strawberry cake today which is a lot of summer for me.


Goodbye Grandpa

Yesterday my grandpa passed away and I traveled back home to Sweden to say goodbye and to be with my family. So I sat up until late last night with mom and talked about him. I’ve had a kind of unreal last 24 hours and now I’m on my way back home to Oslo again. Now we wait for the funeral but once again it shows me that we must take care of eachother and the once we love.

Grandpa has very much inspired me to do what I’m doing. We have disused work, engineering, Norway, politics and so much more over the years. I’m lucky to had you as a part of my life. A photo I found in his room yesterday. Today a thing like this means a lot to me. The little boy is me by the way.

Sunday and I’m in the Göteborg area over the weekend. Got to be honest pretty nice to here. It got a special place in my heart. Friday night we (me and my girlfriend G) arrived to Kungälv and had BBQ with her parents which where real nice. Yesterday we visited my home town Kungsbacka and meet up with my dad and his girlfriend and took his new boat out on the the fjord there and dad tried his new fishing equipment and we took a swim and had a classic Swedish fika before we headed back to the main land.

Then me and G drove into here sister K in Göteborg and had dinner and after that we went on the Håkan Hellström concert at Ullevi (Håkan Hellström is among the biggest Swedish artists today and Ullevi is  a big outdoor arena) and we also broke the arena record with 70.000 in the audience. An amazing evening and buggy and now I’ve just woken up in Kungälv and its time to start the day. What did you do yesterday?

Bithdays & Concerts

Today I’m renting a car and will drive down to Göteborg, Sweden from my home here in Oslo, Norway. Is not that long drive and me and my girlfriend G does it from time to time over the weekends.

This weekend the plan is to celebrate some birthdays. I turned 29 a few weeks ago, my girlfriend G have birthday on Monday and here dad later that week so we will celebrate all of us this weekend.

Saturday is also the big concert day. Me, my girlfriend G and here sister K will go and see Håkan Hellström. Is a Swedish artist from Göterborg and comes from the indiepop genre and that kind of grew into one of the most popular artist in Sweden. The concert will be on the legendary arena New Ullevi and I think it will be somewhere around 60 000 – 70 000 people there so it will be amazing. Is a also nice weatherreports which makes it even better because it’s an outdoor arena.  By the way in the 80’s Bruce Springsteen played here and the concert damaged the arena so they had to rebuild parts of it in order to fix it. That a hell of a concert!

I also hope to get some time to stop by dad and check out his new and first real boat but will see if there is time for that. I hope so.

Gym and strawberries 

Still working on getting into better routines and this week it has been a bit tricky to get it into the schedule but today I did it. 29 degrees Celsius outside and I went into the gym and worked out. To be honest pretty proud about that and now I’m sitting at the balcony and eating strawberries.