Family gathering

Yesterday I was on a family gathering on my moms side of the family and meet her cousins and this kids which is a few years older than me. All where so nice and the location where they had arrange the dinner where a real lovely place in the woods of Skåne which is the southern parts of Sweden.

When I drove home the sun was about to set and the already beautiful landscape got even more stunning so I just had to stop in order to take a few pictures.

Norway’s largest view

Last weekend I hiked up the mountain peak Gaustatoppen here in Norway which is 1883 meters over sea level. 

It’s probably the most advanced hike I’ve done and also the highest peak I’ve climbed. Sound cool? It is but its not that advance, at least when you compare with the Norwegians. I mean there where families, old people and kids that made this hike as well. In my defense all of them in a pretty good shape but anyway. 
Gaustatoppen is located in the region of Telemark and it’s a mountain landscape and different from pretty much all other nature I’ve ever seen. The views and the nature where spectacular.

Took some pictures that I just got to share with you.


Yes! I reached a new magical goal for the blog a new days ago with 200 followers for the blog. I went a lot faster than I had expected and it makes me so happy and inspired in order to continue to write here at the blog.

So which post are you favorit kind of blogpost from me?

Planning for a mountain

Slowly me and my girlfriend G have started to make plans for the weekend. We got a car for a few days and thinking about making the most out of it and to see some more or Norway even if we’re still working and haven’t our vacation yet.

So what we are planning is to drive down to the Telemark region and to get up on the mountain peak Gausatoppen. From the top of Gausatoppen it’s the largest view in Norway seen to area. According to Wikipedia you can see 60 000 square kilometers that’s like 1,5 Denmark. Sounds pretty amazing for someone who really likes views like me.

I’m really hoping everything falls into place for this. I will keep you posted about this trip. Have no photos of this yet but hopefully I could share some by the end of the week.

Midsummer in Sweden

Last weekend it was the biggest of all Swedish holidays. It was Midsummer.

I had been home to Oslo and working for a few days but Thursday evening/night new and my girlfriend G drive down to her family’s summer house in the Swedish countryside. All of this in order to celebrate midsummer. The largest event of the year for us Swedes.

So we woke up early Friday morning, which where midsummer. Then we prepared midsummer lunch which is herring, salmon, meatballs, eggs and so on.

The the guests arrived and we had lunch with beer and schnapps and there is some songs that goes well with the schnapps the most famous is “Helan går” think Alicia Wikander sang that one on jimmy Fallon a while ago if you want to check it out on YouTube. 

The we relaxed and socialized and played some games before it where time for dinner which traditionally is some kinds of BBQ so also this time and before the dinner we had drinks. It’s got to be said that Midsummer is a holiday that involves day drinking so also this time. In general a real nice day.

Then midsummer day we had a pretty chill day and went to the Auaduct and watched the boats and ate ice cream. After that we had lunch and I did my kayaking premier for this year which is as fun as always. Then we had a nice BBQ dinner and played some games and Sunday we all left our friends for Gothenburg and me and my girlfriend G for Oslo.