Midsummer in Sweden

Last weekend it was the biggest of all Swedish holidays. It was Midsummer.

I had been home to Oslo and working for a few days but Thursday evening/night new and my girlfriend G drive down to her family’s summer house in the Swedish countryside. All of this in order to celebrate midsummer. The largest event of the year for us Swedes.

So we woke up early Friday morning, which where midsummer. Then we prepared midsummer lunch which is herring, salmon, meatballs, eggs and so on.

The the guests arrived and we had lunch with beer and schnapps and there is some songs that goes well with the schnapps the most famous is “Helan går” think Alicia Wikander sang that one on jimmy Fallon a while ago if you want to check it out on YouTube. 

The we relaxed and socialized and played some games before it where time for dinner which traditionally is some kinds of BBQ so also this time and before the dinner we had drinks. It’s got to be said that Midsummer is a holiday that involves day drinking so also this time. In general a real nice day.

Then midsummer day we had a pretty chill day and went to the Auaduct and watched the boats and ate ice cream. After that we had lunch and I did my kayaking premier for this year which is as fun as always. Then we had a nice BBQ dinner and played some games and Sunday we all left our friends for Gothenburg and me and my girlfriend G for Oslo.


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