District of Södermalm

This week I’m hanging out in Stockholm Sweden on a work trip so the days I spend in Solna south of Stockholm on a course. However, the evenings I try to do something yesterday I vistaited the museum of photography and walked around old town and the castle. Tonight I had dinner at Södermalm and SoFo. It’s a chill and hip district and I think is valued as one of the coolest districts in the world. And it’s cool and very different from a lot of other places I’ve visited. Trying to take photos and to instagram and blog.

6 Replies to “District of Södermalm”

      1. Then I would suggest going a bit outside of Stockholm. You will find a lot of history also in the surrounding towns, not to mention perfect possibilities for great photos. Just north of Stockholm is the town of Sigtuna, easy to reach with public transport. Sigtuna is the oldest town in Sweden. A bit further north (1h from Stockholm) is Uppsala, also really important in Swedish history. The archipelago is also great for photos 🙂

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