Top 3 Mexican Beers

After my trip to Mexico I’ve learned a bit more about Mexican beers and have a few conclusions. First of all a lot is similar to Corona. What do I mean? It’s refreshing, light and perfect summer beers. And after reviewing the beers I’ve got to say that these three are equally good and if you want to try different beers from Mexico I recommend these three.

Recommendation when drinking an Mexican beer is to add a slice of lime into it. This is mainly accepted for corona but works with many of it fellow beers from Mexico.

1. XX Special Lager

Just as it says a lager. Rather light and might be the heaviest on my top three if now a light lager can be heavy. A typical and rather common beer that I hadn’t seen before I went to Mexico. However, since I’ve arrived back home to Sweden I’ve found it in at least one Mexican restaurant.

2. Corona

The Mexican classic. Light refreshing beer perfect for hot summer days and that this one is the Mexican beer that are the most famous world wide is not a coincident. To add the lime is probably almost a must.

3. Victoria

This one is probably a lager on paper and in theory but for me is somewhere in between a lager and a corona kind of beer. Really liked it and the design is old school and feels genuinely Mexican which I really appreciate.

However the most special beer I drank in Mexico where La Holboxeña which is a porter with a rather distinct taste of coconut. If you like coconut and porter or just want to try something very different I would recommend it if not skip it.

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