Sold Apartment

This Friday we are leaving the the first apartment me and wife ever bought and fully owned. It feels strange after been living here for almost 3 years. But also because I built this apartment. In fact I built the entire building and been involved in the house next to it. I sometimes joke about that some people build there own house while I build my entire block. It’s true that I was working in this construction project which makes it special. I also got to know a lot of new friends on this project and many of them I still hang out with.

We decided to sell the apartment a few months after my son Arvid was born. Much because we have brought a twin house 20 km north of Gothenburg. I’m super excited to move in. The thing is that it’s not ready for us to move in until March 2022. So what will we do until then? Simple, we are homeless. Just kidding. We are moving in with my in-laws and moving to our cottage in the Swedish countryside.

After 15 years in Gothenburg (Sweden’s second largest city) and Oslo (Capital of Norway) are we moving out of the city. Nothing wrong just think it will be very different. In fact I’m looking forward to it.