F1 Dad

I’ve been a Formula 1 fan as a kid and teenager. Then something happened. I guess life happened and me and F1 drifted apart. I don’t I know what happened. Honestly I think that F1 started to be broadcasted at channels my family didn’t have. That might have been around 2000.

Since then me and formula 1 have been on different paths. Then my life was turned up side down when my son A arrived. That changed my life in just so many ways but one thing where that I started to be awake at night and other strange times during the day while A was sleeping on me. During those hours I needed something to keep my awake and entertained.

That’s when I found Drive to Survive on Netflix. I watched the first two seasons together with A and also started to follow the current season. Since then I’ve not only seen all the Drive to Survive episodes I also started to follow F1 again and love it. However, I don’t love how the last season ended.

In fact I like formula 1 so much that a tough of actually going on a trip to watch a race live starting to occupy my brain. We will see if it will happen within a foreseeable future. Anyway it’s good to be back and I’ve having a lot of fun discussions with my cousin D and Dad about it. Just that makes it fun.

Schedule for the first part of the 2022 season

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