5 years of blogging

It’s true, I’ve been blogging for 5 years this month. As you might know I’ve been more or less active in the blog during different period but it’s always a thing I love doing.

So, I’ve stared to look back five years in my phone and honestly was surprised by what’s happened during the last five years. I’ve finished university, got engaged, traveled, got married, lived and worked in Oslo for three years and moved back. A pretty crazy journey when I look back on it. Found a lot of photos in my photo library and not sure they ever been posted on the blog earlier but just to show some that’s happened during the last five years.

By the way I can highly recommend going through the last 5 years of photos. Changes perspectives a bit. I know the last five years have affected me deeply and hopefully mainly for good.

Please leave e comment below on what you’ve done the last five years?

New York, 2013

Oslo, 2014

Rome, 2015

Bali, 2016

Gaustatoppen, 2016


2016 Review

First of all I just want to say happy new year everyone and thanks for reading the blog during 2016. It’s amazing to be able to run this blog.

2016 have been an intense year but I first realized when looking back at it on new years eve. So I though I would summarize it a little bit. And I have an idea of split a deeper review up during the next month.

So 2016 started I started out on my trip to Bali. Which was my first time I spent new year outside of Sweden. Bali was amazing and among the best trips of my life and right now I can see a lot of people posting from Bali on social media and I just want to go back soon again.

However the trip ended and I returned back to work and my home in Oslo. Back home in Oslo i cross country skied as much as I could and when X-games visited Oslo me and friend went and saw the big air competition which where amazing.

During the spring I celebrated my 29th birthday and I did so in Florence, Italy which where great. Don’t think I ever been to a city where I’ve eaten som much great food and been drinking so much great wine and with great I really med GREAT!

Just two weeks after my return to Oslo I went back to Italy. This time I stopped in Milan on the way to Cinque Terra where I hiked for 5 days with beautiful views.

The summer I spent in Sweden as usually together with my family and during the summer my grandpa on mother side past away. But I also had a real nice summer. Most of it by my girlfriend G’s  family’s cottage in Dalsland but also on the Swedish West coast that pretty much is Swedish summer to me. I also climbed hiked up the Norwegian mountain Gaustatoppen and meet my mom’s cousins and their children which where about the same age as me.

The autumn has I not written som much about on the blog but where among the biggest changes this year. I got a new job in Sweden that meant that I moved form Norway back home to Sweden again. However, I still travel a lot to Oslo and Norway because my girlfriend G still lives in Oslo. Much of the end of the year have been going to establishing my self back in Sweden. Taking up contact with friends in the area. Started to train lifeguarding again.

It’s been an intense year and I already now know that 2017 might be a even bigger year for me. I will let you know soon what this hint is about.

Move back to Sweden

I moved back to Sweden from Norway about 1,5 month ago and I’m still kind of settling in. My girlfriend G is still working and living back in Oslo, Norway. And I’m renting a room back in Kungbacka, Sweden which is about 30 kilometers south of Gotherburg and my hometown and the place where I grew up. So I miss G quite a lot but there is a lot of fun things going on back home which makes it easier. Then I travel quite a lot back and forth between Oslo and Gothenburg during the weekends.

But I love Norway and its really a place that want to visit pretty frequently for the rest of my life and to discover even more.  But Gothenburg and Sweden is home somewhere deep down even if I’m open to other places in the future.

So tomorrow I will go back to Norway in order to spend som time with G. So right now I’m writing here on the blog, sending a draft at what I hope will become a book to a creative friend for feedback and packing my bags for my trip tomorrow. All of this from my working space and my new desk that I added as today’s’ photo.



Away from the blog

I know I’ve been away from the blog the last two weeks but I still like creating stuff and writing t I’ve been up to other things lately. Both job with the board that I’m apart of but also a project that’s called Bands of Sweden that I’m a part of the last couple of week got some exposure in Swedish media. I’m real proud and happy of being a part of this project and I will tell you more about it in the future. The reason that I’m not been on the blog as much as earlier the last couple of weeks is that the job and a lot of other things have came in between but hope to be able to write more frequently soon again. 

I spent a lot of energy on trying to check if I’m allergic to gluten by testing a gluten free diet. It’s a change I’ve got to admit but I think it worked quite good to be honest. I also trying to get going on the training agin and some other things that me not can write about about tight how but I’m working hard on being creative and producing things. Hope that big changes is coming that I can tell you about.

Happy New 2016!

I just wanted to wish you a happy new year.

I would also like to thank you for reading my blog during 2015. If there is anything you think I would write more about you’re welcome to leave a comment below. I would really appreciate that.

Right now I’m on vacation in Indonesia which I hope will generate a lot of stories when I get back.

However enjoy 2016 and see you soon again.

Over 700 post!

A few days ago I passed over 700 blog posts here on the blog and which means that there is 700 post in our archives that you can look at, read or scroll by that’s pretty amazing if you ask me. You can do excatly what you want with that infromation but it makes be happy and but proud of all of this. We are also getting closer to beat last years record on views here on the blog which I really, really would like to beat. So I will do as much as I can to provide you with good content so we can make that happened.

And once again, I wouldn’t do this with out you that are following and reading this blog so a big thanks to you!