Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone, yeah I know its December 26th today but anyway. I just wanted to wish you all a merry Christmas. I’ve been spending the last couple of days with friends and family and I’ve been taking a lot of photos and also tried some video so I’m super excited to see how all of this turns out. If it turns out okay I will share it here on the blog is the plan.

Right now I’m in Dalsland with my girlfriend G’s family and in their cottages up here. I looks like we have a storm coming in during the afternoon and the night so we will see how that turns out.



Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone, usually this time of year I celebrate a classic and traditional Swedish Christmas together with my family. However this year is different. Right know I’m in Bali together with my girlfriend G’s family. By the way the first time I spend Christmas Eve with them. 

Arrived late last night and today I woke up to a warm and sunny day. Just had breakfast and will soon head down to the beach and this afternoon I’ve booked a massage. Think this is going to be a real nice vacation and just what I need right now. We are starting our trip in Nusa Dua which is where we are right now and will spend a few days here before we head to Ubud and later on we will end our trip in Sanur.

All recommendations for Nusa Dua, Ubud and Sanur are more than welcome.


Wheels up…

According to plan me and G and her family are leaving Sweden. This after a few very intense days in Sweden which I really appreciate. Feels strange to leave Sweden and my family especilly during Christmas.

We are heading south towards Bali in Indonesia. I’m super excited but it will be a long flight before we get the so I guess it will be a bit limited of posts here in the blog for the next 48 hour hopefully less.

Heading to Bali where we will travel around a bit and will me my first real time in Asia which is super exciting. Really looking forward to the entire experience and don’t really know what to expect of it more than I think it will be a great trip

Fake Christmas #2

Yesterday I celebrated fake Christmas with my family couple of miles south of Gothenburg. Today is a new day and the plans for today is to celebrate fake Christmas together with my girlfriend Gs family a couple of miles north of Gothenburg.

So I think that today will it probably be more traditional Christmas food. Some relative to G will also join us which will be nice.

Tonight I’ve got some plans with two old life guarding buddies J and S so we will go out and have dinner together at a restaurant in Gothenburg. I’m really looking forward to that.


Fake Christmas #1

Good morning! This Christmas will be a bit different as you probably will discover soon here at the blog. Until now all Christmases has been in Sweden with my family.

But this Christmas will I not be able to spend this Christmas together with my family in Sweden. So today me and my girlfriend G will celebrate fake Christmas with my family and I’m so super excited for this.

We will start of the day with breakfast at my moms place. Then we will pick up my sister and her boyfriend V at the train station and then go to grandma and pick her up and drive to my dad for lunch. After that dad his girlfriend, my sister m, V me and G will go to Liseberg if the weather allows us. Liseberg is the amusement park here in Gothenburg where they have a thousand lights and fake snow and a market and other Christmas related stuff. 

I’m so happy just thinking about it.


St. Lucia

13th December and its St. Lucia. A day that’s highly celebrated in Sweden. The basics I women in long white dresses where the leader has crown of candela on her head (she is the Lucia). She is followed by women in white dresses with glitter in their hair and holding a candle in their hands, these women are the (tärnor in Swedish) they are sometimes followed by men in cloths also looking a bit like white dresses with white cone formed hats with stars on and holding a stick in their hands with a star on the top. In kindergarten there could also be kids dressed as gingerbread men, Santas helpers or the the man who clean the chimney. And all of the sing songs together traditionally in the morning.

Then you get a kind of buns that often looks like cats with the taste of saffran and there is also ginger bread.

Does in sound strange of is this some you celebrate where you live as well?



A thing called Julmust

This post I purely dedicated to the classic Swedish soda that we in Sweden call Julmust. One thing that I like a lot. The English translation for Julmust is Christmas root beer.

This one of the favorite drinks for me around Christmas. And dispute what many says there are only one real brand of Julmust to chose in my opinion.

This is the soda that shocked the multinational brand Coca cola when they came to Sweden and I don’t now if it still is like this but earlier they lost 90% of sales around Christmas because the Swedes drink Julmust instead.

But this is a very Swedish thing so now when I’m living in Norway I either have to find stores that import this which is rare or I have to import it myself. But that’s things I can live with. So if you want to taste something very Swedish around Christmas in Sweden I would recommend you you try Julmust.


Christmas lights

First week of December just passed by so quick. I have so much things I’ve got to do before Christmas so need to plan a bit I think. 

However that’s not what this post should a about. As you know hopefully we are now in December and all Christmas lights are up both in many homes and out at the streets here in Oslo.

I got up the lights on my balcony this week and it really makes me happy.

But the lights are also up on the shopping street here in Oslo and to walk a longboat in the sunrise or sunset is quite cozy.


First advent

Yesterday it was the first advent. So less than four weeks until Christmas Eve and the December 24th when we celebrate Christmas here in Sweden. Unfortunately I’ve been out traveling most of the weekend wher I’ve been to Swede to help my (to-be-sister-in-law) K to move to her new appartment. So arrived back in Oslo rather late last night. But I hope to celebrate it tonight with some Swedish Glögg and some gingerbread and to get the Christmas light up and maybe listening to some Christmas music. Started to listening to Christmas music already during the road trip to Sweden during thi weekend. 

I’m so looking forward to Christmas even if it will be a butt different this year. Will include some traveling and not only to Sweden.

This is my third Christmas in Norway since I moved here and Oslo is a cosy city to be in during Christmas and December in general. So now I hope for some snow so I can go cross country skiing. 

Here is a photo of te Christmas lights I pass on my way to work every day. Not to bad.