Top 3 Non Alcoholic Beers 2021

Since becoming a dad there have been drinking more non-alcoholic beers or lower ABV beers. What really impressed my is the selection and quality of these beers. I’m impressed! I think this category of beer has become been better over the last couple of years. Somehow, my top 3 beers in this category in 2021 really surprised me in a positive way. All of these beers can I see myself having as a standard beer for summer 2022.

Here are my top favorites that I’ve discovered during 2021. As you might have noticed I’m a big fan of Scandinavian beer so the first one is Danish, the second one is Norwegian, the ot, and the third one is from the UK or Wales to be more specific.

1. Implosion – To Øl

This juicy, fruity a bit sweet, and hoppy beer might be one of the best non-alcoholic beers that I’ve tasted. I did know that To Øl did great beer because it’s one of my absolute favorite breweries. However, I’ve never tasted one of their non-alcoholic beer. Now I just hope they make more non-alcoholic beer.

2. No Worries Pineapple – Lervig

A hoppy IPA with a distinct and a great taste of pineapple. This is a lot of pineapples, but I love it! I’ve tasted a few beers from Levig earlier but this really impressed me. This is one of these beers that just make sense as a non-alcoholic beer.

3. Clwb Tropica Non Alc. – Tiny Rebel Brewing Co

A hoppy tropical IPA with a taste of pineapple, passionfruit, citrus, mango, and peach. A totally new brewery and beer for me and a very pleasant surprise. This is a great non-alcoholic beer. This makes me really curious about what else this brewery has to offer. If you know more about this brewery please leave a comment. I’m super impressed!


Top 3 Non-Alcoholic Beers

I’m a beer enthusiast and since there is not always time for “regular” beer (above 4,2% ABV or even less) I thought I would recommend my top 3 non-alcoholic beers right now.

1. Weird Weather Non-Alcoholic Hazy IPA

This is as close to a hazy New England IPA you get with a non-alcoholic beer. This is hoppy, tropical and is as close to the real thing as you get. Right now this is my favorite in this category. Also an all year beer in my opinion.

2. Special Effect, Brooklyn Brewery

A hoppy lager a bit darker and as so often with non alcoholic beers a bit of sweetness but also the more unexpected roasty character. This works for me and it’s a all season beer. Not only a summer beer as the beers in this category easily can become.

3. Easy Rider Bulldog, Gotlands Bryggeri

Hoppy, Fruity and rather full of taste. Something that stands out among other standard non alcoholic beers such as Carlsberg and Heineken.

Bonus beer! There is quite few alternatives out there nowadays and they are getting better. The brewery that I think is the best producer of non-alcoholic beers is the Danish brewery Mikkeller and they have really made the effort to try different styles. I highly recommend you to try a few of they beers in this category. The bonus beer on this list is Mikkeller’s Drink’in The Sun which is the first non-alcoholic beer that made me realize that there is good non-alcoholic beers.

Drink’in The Sun, Mikkeller

The refreshingly hoppy and fruity wheat beer. I’m not a big fan of wheat beer or Belgium style beer but this so a great summer beer as the name suggests. It’s not an all year around beer in my opinion but works great. It’s replaces the cold lager during this summer days in a good way.

2020 what a year!

Last year where for most people quite special. First of all I started the year on a roof top terrace in Copenhagen, Denmark with some Scandinavian friends. An unforgettable night and party.

Then the next natural thing to write about should be the start of Corona or the COVID 19 pandemic and hit it hit Sweden. However that didn’t came until March.

For me one of my life’s biggest moments came in February when me and my wife realized that we was expecting a child. after that I would say that the entire year came to be about the birth of our boy A. After another very uniq experience he arrived 1st October 2020. Since the he has changed our life, and yes I know that’s cheesy but it’s definitely true.

Before that we had a nice calm summer in the countryside. Then me and my wife celebrated Christmas together for the first time which meant that I didn’t celebrate with my family.

Then we celebrated New Year’s Eve together with the in-laws in the cottage in Dalsland which where the most relaxing New Years ever and very peaceful with great food and drinks. On top of that the entire place where snow covered which made it even more beautiful.

Food, Beer & Copenhagen

Right now in Copenhagen for about 24 hours on vacation. So I’ve been here before and seen the little mermaid, Nyhavn and a few other tourist sites. So, what to do? It’s pretty simple. I love this city and I love food and beer. Which in this case seams to be a pretty perfect combo. Because that’s something that Copenhagen does really good.

Me and my wife started of by talking a walk and go shopping in the district of Vesterbro that is a really cool district. I found a new shirt and T-shirt.

Then we had booked a table at Mad & Kaffe after recommendations from a friend that lives in Copenhagen. Here I had the best ice the I ever had. Sweet ice the with passion fruit. Already here this where a really good place that I had the salmon sandwich and the fries with aioli and it became a great place. One of my best experiences of Scandinavian food.

After lunch it was nice to walk from Vesterbro to Nørrebro along the lakes and water in central Copenhagen. The warm sunny weather and the beautiful and diverse architecture made this replacing and beautiful. Got that summer vacation vibe.

Then we stopped at Brus which is a stunning beer and food bar in a brewery run by To Øl. I found this place while looking for beer bars and breweries in Copenhagen. This is hipster place with classic Scandinavian interior and amazing beer. Probably my new favorite place in Copenhagen. Can’t wait to visits the place again.

A walk back to the hotel and then dinner at Warpigs in Kødbyen. Which also is a brewery pub know for its meat in Texan bbq style and their beer. Real great meat and good beer in a big square with a lot of other restaurants.

Amazing day in Copenhagen and a great day just hangin around.