Showing Mom Dalsland

If you read the blog rather frequently you might’ve read that me and my girlfriend G spend time a quite often in the Swedish region/province Dalsland. G’s family have a summer house or cottage there or to be honest one house and one more of a cottage or cabin place. However, I’ve never showed this place for anyone in my family thorough out the 6 years me and G have been together. But yesterday me and mom drove up the Dalsland and spent until today up there visiting G and here family.
So yesterday we showed mom Håverud which is a historical site and a monument of the peak of Swedish engineering during the 19th century and the engineer of Nils Ericsson who also had a famous brother who was an engineer that might me more famous for you North American readers that I know we have here in the blog as the man who invented the Monitor the world first propeller driven water transport and which can be seen as the forefather to the modern submarine.

Then we went to kind of a outlet and did some shopping and took a swim in the lake and had dinner with G’s parents.

Today we have been out to the wood and been gathering wild blueberries also took a swim in the lake before we headed back to the Gothenburg area again. So tonight it have just been me and G and we will tomorrow travel down to the Swedish region/province of Skåne a few days to relax.


A new prince is born

Wednesday evening when I arrived to Sweden the Swedish royal family got a new family member. A new prince was born on the evening of 2nd March 2016. The name of the new prince is Prince Oscar Carl Olof (Olof is by the way my middle name so now I got a royal name). This is a big event in the Kingdom of Sweden and especially for someone as me who like the royal family.

We also are expecting a new royal child later during this year. But for now we’re waiting for the baptism of the newly born prince. The baptism will most likely be boradcasted on the national broadcasting company SVT (The Swedish equivalent to the British BBC or Norwegian NRK).

The royal family in Sweden is more of marking things but also as an important part of keeping traditions and the Swedish history alive which I like. The prince will by the way be the 3rd in the royal in heritage line.

The Kontiki Museum 

This weekend I had guest here in Oslo, Norway. So I showed them around to different sights here in Oslo. And one of these places where the Kontiki museum. The museum is about the Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl and his expeditions around the world where Kontiki is the most famous.

During the Kontiki expidition Thor and his crew build a wooden raft in balsa wood and sailed it for 100 days between South America and Polynesia in order to show that the people from Polynesia came from South American and not Asia.

The position took place in 1948 and during this expedition the crew at Kontiki documented the entire trip. It all ended up in a documentary that later won an Oscars Award for best documentary in 1950. A documentary that I really could recommend.

The expedition has also become adventure and history movie of a bit more fictional type but still based on the true events and story of reality. That movie where released in 2012 and is also a move that I would recommend.

Here is a link if you would like to visit the museum or get more information about it.
Here is a photo from the visit yesterday.


Part of my history

A few months my grandpa passed away a person who always meant the world to me and still to this day and forever will be an important person in my life.

Last weekend when visiting Gothenburg I also took a trip to my hometown and visited my dad and my grandma. I got the poster in the photo. It’s a commercial poster for the Swedish Armerica Line (SAL) who sailed between Gothenburg and New York. This way my old grandpa worked his way into the US meet a German women and married here and got two children. My grandpa and his little brother. The Swedish America Line is also how grandpa with his family traveled back to Sweden when he was about 10 years old. My old grandpa worked at this ships as well or many years so I’m happy to have this poster at home but only because it’s beautiful and a great memory but also because it’s a part of my family’s hostory.


Midsummer Day

Good morning everyone! Today is midsummer which is a very special Swedish holiday. I’m really looking forward to the day that I will spend together with G and our friends E and N and their two kids.

Midsummer is a Swedish holiday where we celebrate the Swedish summer and is an very old tradition in Sweden where we dance abound the midsummer pole that in fact is a symbol of fertility and sing songs about the little frogs (små grodorna is the Swedish song title) and the fox that runs over the ice (räven raskar över isen is the Swedish song title). All quite strange texts when I reflect upon it and most things of this have designated dance moves.

Then we eat the traditional Swedish holiday food such as herring, meatballs, salmon and potatoes. To this it’s tradition to drink schnapps and other beverages. 

It’s also a day there the girls and women wear flowers in their hair and the days the the Swedish people are celebrating the most that they are Swedes.

So from me to all of you readers have a nice midsummer day! 


A prince is born

A few day ago Sweden got a new princess in princess Sofia that got married to prince Carl Philip.

Today his sister Princess Madeline got her second child. This time a boy which means that Sweden got a new prince today.

I like this and now I’m looking forward to that the name will be announced. 

So congratulations to all you who like the Swedish royal family.


The Royal Swedish Wedding

The Swedish prince is today getting married to his girlfriend Sofia that today then become Swedena new princess. I’m a royalist so I have seen the wedding with G and my sister and her boyfriend V.

We have also done inter things today but that’s for another post. It was a beautiful wedding full of surprises and I really enjoyed following. It might also give some inspiration for a future wedding in some way. Been a lovely day and hope you had that to!


Swedish National Day

Had a little gathering with some music and food at our roof top last night with some friends. Pre celebrating the Swedish National Day and G’s birthday which both are today the 6th of June. Where a great evening with some dance and singing as well. The guitar found it’s strange way to the roof and some Swedish songs might have been introduced to our Norwegian friends that I think found it quite amusing.

So what are we celebrating? In general Swedes are not as good at celebrating as their Norwegians neighbors. But that’s is probably because it’s more distant in history and that we had a different situation during the Second World War is my guess. In Sweden the 6th of June is also called the Swedish Flag Day and celebrates the independence from Denmark, that Gustav Vasa became kind and the constitution. We celebrate a lot of things. But it has only been a Swedish holiday since 2005.

So happy birthday Sweden!


Independece Day in Norway

Today may 17th is Independence Day here in Norway. The day Norway became their own nation and after the Second World War it was the first national holiday when they could raise just the Norwegian flag again.

As a Sweden this is rather different. Swedes are in general more modest when they celebrate their Independence Day. The Norwegian have big parades and broadcasted parade in front of the royal palce with the royal family attending the celebrations. Then all Norwegians are dressed in national costume. Which a is beautiful but rather unusual to see for me as a Swede.

Today is the first time I experienced all of this together with some fellow Swedes. It was very nice experience and fun to experienced.


Peter the great

I’m a hockey fan and I still love the game in all kind of aspects and right now I follow both the NHL and SHL regularly. I played hockey back in Sweden for for almost 10 years when I was younger. A couple of weeks ago one of the greatest got into the hockey hall of fame. If you ask almost any Swede about the Olympics 1994 the penalty shoot by Peter Forsberg is the thing they will remember. It was epic, in fact it was so epic that it got its own post stamp in Sweden.

In fact I got my own memory of that penalty, sitting on a small chair together with my sister and praying to God that Sweden would win and the happiness in our home that night was just amazing. Since that Peter Forsberg is a hockey hero and the hockey tournament in the Olympics is something you just can’t miss.

He was a great hockey player and couldn’t resist to write at least something about it now when he got into the hockey hall of fame. Even if I’m a few weeks late. I’ve posted a video about his career below for you who love the game of hockey.