Swedish National Day

Had a little gathering with some music and food at our roof top last night with some friends. Pre celebrating the Swedish National Day and G’s birthday which both are today the 6th of June. Where a great evening with some dance and singing as well. The guitar found it’s strange way to the roof and some Swedish songs might have been introduced to our Norwegian friends that I think found it quite amusing.

So what are we celebrating? In general Swedes are not as good at celebrating as their Norwegians neighbors. But that’s is probably because it’s more distant in history and that we had a different situation during the Second World War is my guess. In Sweden the 6th of June is also called the Swedish Flag Day and celebrates the independence from Denmark, that Gustav Vasa became kind and the constitution. We celebrate a lot of things. But it has only been a Swedish holiday since 2005.

So happy birthday Sweden!


Independece Day in Norway

Today may 17th is Independence Day here in Norway. The day Norway became their own nation and after the Second World War it was the first national holiday when they could raise just the Norwegian flag again.

As a Sweden this is rather different. Swedes are in general more modest when they celebrate their Independence Day. The Norwegian have big parades and broadcasted parade in front of the royal palce with the royal family attending the celebrations. Then all Norwegians are dressed in national costume. Which a is beautiful but rather unusual to see for me as a Swede.

Today is the first time I experienced all of this together with some fellow Swedes. It was very nice experience and fun to experienced.


Peter the great

I’m a hockey fan and I still love the game in all kind of aspects and right now I follow both the NHL and SHL regularly. I played hockey back in Sweden for for almost 10 years when I was younger. A couple of weeks ago one of the greatest got into the hockey hall of fame. If you ask almost any Swede about the Olympics 1994 the penalty shoot by Peter Forsberg is the thing they will remember. It was epic, in fact it was so epic that it got its own post stamp in Sweden.

In fact I got my own memory of that penalty, sitting on a small chair together with my sister and praying to God that Sweden would win and the happiness in our home that night was just amazing. Since that Peter Forsberg is a hockey hero and the hockey tournament in the Olympics is something you just can’t miss.

He was a great hockey player and couldn’t resist to write at least something about it now when he got into the hockey hall of fame. Even if I’m a few weeks late. I’ve posted a video about his career below for you who love the game of hockey.

Lucia a Classic Swedish tradition

Today is December 13th and that ‘s the Lucia day in Sweden and also in Norway but it’s not such a big thing in Norway as it is in Sweden. I’ve learned that yesterday while taking with some Norwegian here in Oslo. In Sweden Lucia is a classic traditional day thats very important for all Swedes in general I would say. For me this will probably be the first time ever in my life that I not will celebrate it as you should. Anyway I think I do what I can out of it and today the plan is make some saffran buns or “Lussekatter” as we say in Sweden if I just can find all ingredients to it. Other than that I will try to make some “Pepparkakor” or ginger bread as you say in English.

I’ve been thinking about how to explain Lucia for you follower and I just stumbled over this video that describes it quite well. I know its called Lucia for dummies and I don’t think you are any dummies reading this blog but it’s a rather good explanation. You will see.

All for Sweden

Last night I looked at All for Sweden or “Allt för Sverige” as the name on the tv-show is in Swedish. It’s a tv-show that’s about Americans that seek their family history in Sweden. Many of there swedes emigrated if the USA during the late 19th century and earlier 20th century. One of the Swedes that emigrated where my grand grandfather, he emigrated to New York and lived there for several years and fell in love with a German woman that also emigrated on a English course. They got married and my grandfather was born in New Jersey. The family lived their until he was 11 years old. So my family history makes the tv show a bit more interesting for me.

I would like to know more about that history and from time to time I try to investigate it closer. However all tips and tricks is welcome if you have any please comment.

Earlier I’ve seen season 1 and 3 and absolutely lived it. In fact I’ve gotten so inspired that I’ve started to research my family’s history more and so also this time.

It’s the forth season now and finally I gotten G interested in the show as well. Really like that show and it keeps me think about if I still got any relatives in the US according my grandfather we can still have some relatives in the US.


Planning a weekend in the mountains

Half the week has already past and it went quick. Now I am looking forward to the trip med and G have planned for a long time the the mountains this weekend. Its a ski resort we are going to visit but the ski season doesn’t start first 29th of November so we will get into the mountains and just relax and discover a new part of Norway. Read some snow reports and it has been snowing but the not so much that there will be any downhill/alpine skiing. However even if its doubtful there might be some tracks for cross country skiing in the area that we can use. Hope that it would be very nice to be able to get some cross country skiing this weekend. We will see but I promise to keep you posted.

However, this is one of the first real trips we will make since we moved here for more than one year ago. So I’m really looking forward to it and we have hired a car to get there. Obviously we hired a Volvo as the Swedes we are. I hope it’s one of the later models and will be fun to try the new V40.

Tonight G are working late so I had dinner in front of the TV and watched a documentary on youtube about the development of aircraft carriers thought out the history, much better documentary than the one I watched a few days ago. If you’re interested in that kind of things I attached in the bottom of this post.

Gustav Adolf pastry day

Today is the Gustav Adolf pastry day. At first I though this was quite normal but when I come to think about it I realize that it’s probably not. Might be one if the more strange Swedish traditions.

Gustav II Adolf is a former Swedish king that ruled Sweden when it was as largest if seen to geographical territory. He died the 6th of November and in memory of this there have a long the way become a day where we eat pastry in memory of his death with a small picture of him in chocolate. The tradition is existing also in Finland have I read especially in the parts where they still speak Swedish. However, the tradition most likely come from Gothenburg and where created when the statue of Gustav II Adolf where invited in Gothenburg.

This tradition doesn’t exist in Norway which isn’t that odd so I improvised with a pastry from the local store here. Not the real thing but as close as it gets here in Oslo. Here’s a photo of my improvised pastry.