Staring a chair project

Sunday and mixed feelings. A great weekend but my wife G is going back to Oslo and I’m going back to Gothenburg. However, I’ve got a project in the making. I’ve picked up five old school chairs from the first part of the last decade. What’s cool about stuff that old is that the material is massive. It’s good wooden material and the wood is massive. The steel is also the real deal.

What’s the plan? The plan is that I’m going to take of the chairs and make it the prototype in order to see how things turn out. The thought right now is to dismantle the chair. Sandpaper the surface of both the wood and the painted steel. Repair the damages to the wood and to paint it with clear coating. Then to spray the steel frame with primer a few times and the paint it leaf green and assemble all pieces again.

Super excited for all of this right know and very curious of how it all will turn out. Have you done something similar, please leave med some advice in the comments.

Part of my history

A few months my grandpa passed away a person who always meant the world to me and still to this day and forever will be an important person in my life.

Last weekend when visiting Gothenburg I also took a trip to my hometown and visited my dad and my grandma. I got the poster in the photo. It’s a commercial poster for the Swedish Armerica Line (SAL) who sailed between Gothenburg and New York. This way my old grandpa worked his way into the US meet a German women and married here and got two children. My grandpa and his little brother. The Swedish America Line is also how grandpa with his family traveled back to Sweden when he was about 10 years old. My old grandpa worked at this ships as well or many years so I’m happy to have this poster at home but only because it’s beautiful and a great memory but also because it’s a part of my family’s hostory.


Bird on the wall

Me and G have a rather Scandinavian and white apparent when it comes to interior. So we have been out looking for something with color that we can have for example on the wall.

A few days ago I found it a print with a colibrie on the interior design store here close by where we live. So now have it came up in our new self. Think it look quite good if I can say it myself.


Grand Hotel in Lund

Last weekend I stayed at Grand Hotel in Lund, this classic hotel in a classic Swedish town.

I’m not one of the most frequent hotel guest but this was the most expensive and luxuries hotel I stayed at. I think is about 210$/night but it wasn’t the cheapest room at the hotel. It feel luxuries to stay here even if it was a gap small gap between the beds that made it a bit pointless with a double bed. Any way I think the room was real nice but by me that are working within the construction industry I think it would have been even nicer if the had payed attention to the details in the carpenters work.

The breakfast was without a doubt the best hotel breakfast I’ve ever ate. Could almost recommend it just because of the breakfast.

The location is also great in the centre if the town. Near to most kind if communications.

Would I recommend it? Yes!
Rating? 4 out of 5 starts from me.





New speaker

Ever since I moved to Norway haven’t we had a real stereo or speaker here. But finally have we now bought one. We bought an according to me beautiful black wireless Bose speaker for iOS.

Just installed it and tested it and it’s obvious that it’s a real speaker. Until now have I often listed to music on my iPad mini but the difference with the Bose speaker is indescribable.

Then I think this is a beautiful gadget. Now we just need to find somewhere to located it in the apartment. Don’t you think it looks good?




Chasing a lamp, part 2

We are continuing to looking for a lamp to our living room but it’s not easy to find something we like. Yesterday we bought a lamp as I might have mentioned but today we returned it. It didn’t fit our home and was broken upon arrival.

But G did some research yesterday evening and after have returned the lamp we bought yesterday we drove and bought a new lamp.

Also discovered the district Skøyen a bit more. Looked nice from what I could see but it’s definitely something I would like to explore more.

However the new lamp is now home and looks like this!


Lamp hunt continues

Okey yesterday we bought a lamp but when we came home did we realize that it didn’t suit the apartment. So today have we returned it.

Last weekend we visited a lot of stores in Sweden but didn’t find anything. Now have G got some tips on new stores so hope we can find something there but we will see.

Will keep you posted.