Movie Review: Jack Reacher Never Go Back

So a while ago I saw the latest Jack Reacher movie and I just have to start of my saying that I really like Tom Cruise as an actor he always delivers. In fact he might be one of my absolute favorite actors. However that was not what Inentirely thought I would write about. I like the actors okay but Cruise and the young girl really makes something of this move. The story is a Lee Child story and he is one of my favorite authors so it’s good but but as good as the books. 

It’s action packed as you expect it to be. The stenography is good. As well as the photography that tends to be action based in my opinion. So I would recommend this movie!



The last few days I watched the mini tv serie Arm on Netflix. I’ve seen it earlier but didn’t remember it. It’s a story about a knight Templar. But it’s a it only about a knight it’s also about parts of Seedish history and love. It’s all based on the books about Arn written by the Swedish author Jan Guilliou. Books a really recommend. However it’s not only a a great story it’s probably one of the biggest Scandinavian productions in modern time. I didn’t recall that is was that many famous actors in the movie but it’s truly full of Swedish tv and movie stars for example Stellan Skarsgård, Gustaf Skarsgård, Joel Kinneman and many more. Impressive if you as me all from scenery, actors, photo all is a real good here. 

Warmly recommend it!

Movie Review: Growns ups 2

A few days ago I watched Grown ups 2 after seen the first grown ups movie. I have to say that the story of this squeal is much less good than the first movie. In fact I think the story is a bit thin. Its all about one day and a party. To be honest I think that the second one, have a this story or pretty close to none story at all. The main story is about the group of friends who this day will have a big party. Dispite the lack of a story its funny and a pretty good movie.

The actors are funny and the scene are made in true Hollywood style and it works.

I would barely recommend it and I would rank it 3 out 5 points but as I wrote earlier, I would recommend it.

Here is the trailer if you think it sounds interesting or you’re just are curios about the movie.

Best movies of 2015

The year are getting close to the end of the year and I thought I would summarize the year by the best choosing the best movies that I’ve seen this year.

1. The imitation game

The movie about how they broke the enigma code. Fascinating story and in all ways a great movie.

2. Spectre

Bond did return in 2015 and in the best Bond movie since Casino Royale.

3. The theory of everything

The story about Steven Hawkin.

4. Mission impossible 5

As always one of the best action movies it the year and might be the best mission impossible movie since mission impossible 2 if you ask be. Also several scence in real Swedish.

5. Woman in gold

A beautiful story that also gives us a small history lesson with connections back to the WWII.

There are more but these are the once that made it into my top 5 list for 2015. What’s your favorite movies that you’ve seen this year.

Movie Review: Grown ups

A movie about a group of friends that moved around and not live in the same place any longer get together when their old coach dies and rents a cabin with their families. In fact the story is pretty good nothing spectacular but good. But this is one of the better stories for a comedy of this kind that I’ve seen in a while.

Scenery is American and works great and I like it. The cast of actors is good and have pretty big names. The main character is played by Adam Sandler and there is also actors/actresses such as Chris Rock and Selma Hayek that makes solid performances.

I would recommend this movie. I would give it 4 out of 5 points without any doubt. Have you seen this movie?

Here is the trailer if you want ti check it out.

Movie Review: The Wave

I might have been living in Norway for 2,5 year now and I slowly getting more familiar with Norwegian tv, music and movies. So tonight me and my girlfriend G rented the Norwegian blockbuster movie of 2015 at the Apple TV and watched The Wave which is a Norwegian disaster movie.

I usually like this kind of movies and I got to say that I’m impressed by this Norwegian production. The scenery of the Norwegian landscape is stunning and among the best I’ve seen. The story holds up okay and is no better or worse than any other story for a disaster movie. The acting is also good in my opinion and I like it. But how the use the time of the movie and details in the movie makes me a bit irritated.

However I would recommend it but I will only give it 3 out if 5 points.

Here is the link if you like to check it out. If you seen I would like to know what you think about type movie?

Movie Review: Vacation

I think I’ve seen  one or two of the earlier vaction movies but I remembering thinking of them as old when I was young abd that was about 20 years ago.

I saw the trailer and at first I thought that this wouldn’t be movie for me. Somehow I changed my mind I thought that it was worth watching so I did.

To start with I think they found a good cast of actors that where a good fit for this movie. I think scenes where good and looked good as well. It is a classic Hollywood production in my opinion but in a good way. Not a bunch of akward stuff as it can be in movies like this. I think the story is good and this movie in small ways also ties back to the old serie of vacation movies.

So I like this movie, in fact I like it a lot and I wouldn’t mind a secual to it. I don’t really think what others thought about the movie and I don’t care because in my opinion this where a good comedy. Funny, good length, watchable for the whole family. So yeah, I would recommend it adn I grad it 4 out of 5 points (Which I didn’t think I would before I saw it).

Bond evening

So finally, tonight I will get to see the new James Bond movie Spectre. I will go with the guys from work and I’ve really been looking forward to see this one. Pretty much since I got to know that they where filming it. Been watching behind the scenes material on youtube and watching the trailer. And when I ran out of those I started to youtube clips from the last three movie and re-watched Skyfall which I think is a good movie even if I really like Casione Royale more.

First I thought I would attach the trailer here below but I skipped that and adds it to the review that i promise will come soon.

Movie Review: Mission Impossible 5 Rogue Nation

I while ago I finally saw the new Mission Impossible 5 Rouge Nation. To start with, I’m a big fan of the mission impossible movies much because of the great action scenes that’s always are great coordinated and then here are a lot of gadgets and suiting scenery. For me as a Swede there are several scenes where they entirely speak Swedish. There are also Swedish actors in i major parts of the movie for the second movie in a row.

The story is good and I think this is the best action movie I seen in a while. In fact this is a great action movie for me and I would give it 4 out 5 points. Its close to 5 but something that I can’t even explain is missing and because of the its just a 4 but still close to a 5.

The Kontiki Museum 

This weekend I had guest here in Oslo, Norway. So I showed them around to different sights here in Oslo. And one of these places where the Kontiki museum. The museum is about the Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl and his expeditions around the world where Kontiki is the most famous.

During the Kontiki expidition Thor and his crew build a wooden raft in balsa wood and sailed it for 100 days between South America and Polynesia in order to show that the people from Polynesia came from South American and not Asia.

The position took place in 1948 and during this expedition the crew at Kontiki documented the entire trip. It all ended up in a documentary that later won an Oscars Award for best documentary in 1950. A documentary that I really could recommend.

The expedition has also become adventure and history movie of a bit more fictional type but still based on the true events and story of reality. That movie where released in 2012 and is also a move that I would recommend.

Here is a link if you would like to visit the museum or get more information about it.
Here is a photo from the visit yesterday.