Abandon podcasts

Will I never listen to podcasts anymore? No, that’s not the case at all. What I’ve done is to abandon the Apple podcast app. I’ve been a big fan for a very long time. I’ve tried other apps but never thought anything else where good enough.

Until now. The last month I’ve stopped using the Apple podcast app completely. Instead I’ve started listen at podcasts through the Spotify app. I’ve tried it earlier but didn’t get hooked. Now its the only way I could or want to consume podcasts.

What happened? What really happened was Spotifys original content and their podcast Diktatorer which is the Swedish version of the english podcast Dictators. I listen to almost the whole first season of Diktatorer and somewhere along the way I realized how great it is to have podcasts and music in the same app and place on my phone. There is even a decent way to sort out podcast and music even if there possibilities to improve that functionality. As I remember it that funcunallity where that made me leave Spotify earlier when I’ve tried it as a podcast app. However, now it works in a way that I really like.


An Awesome Photoshoot

About a month ago I had my first real photoshoot as a photographer at John Dee nightclub in Oslo, Norway. Which is pretty awesome and I got 3 new gigs that I’m working on with friends but there is a little planning left.

However my first gig where a concert photography for my favorite party band in Oslo, Norway called Awesomesauce (Check them out here at Facebook or web page here). Honestly a great party band especially if you grew up during the 90’s or 00’s.

Got a call a few days before the concert where they asked me if I would like the work as their photographer during the concert. What’s pretty awesome is that I got almost complete access which where real cool to get that close to the band and the audience. So just hade a few days to prepare but it was awesome. Here is the result and please leave a comment below about which one is your favorite photo and what you think about them.


Oslo Weekend

So half way though this week as well and it just passes me by som fast right now. But i can’t forget last weekend in Oslo. I had a extra day of because it was a public holiday in Sweden. So I took of to Oslo. Anyway during friday I started with stocks and we got guest and then we hit Oslo where we saw a concert with my favorit partyband Awesomesauce that have a playlist filled with guilty pleasure music from the 90s’ and until today. Music that I’ve listend to when I grew up and still listens to. Then me and my girlfriend G knows half the band but still they are real great. I’m sure they will show up later in the blog again during this year. After that there was a DJ with similar music and we dance until the morning came. Can’t remember when I danced all night last time. But it was so fun.

Saturday G and our guest just hung out in Oslo and where home and played games and sunday me and the guest drove back to Gothenburg, Sweden again. Awesome weekend.

And little video from the concert!



Bithdays & Concerts

Today I’m renting a car and will drive down to Göteborg, Sweden from my home here in Oslo, Norway. Is not that long drive and me and my girlfriend G does it from time to time over the weekends.

This weekend the plan is to celebrate some birthdays. I turned 29 a few weeks ago, my girlfriend G have birthday on Monday and here dad later that week so we will celebrate all of us this weekend.

Saturday is also the big concert day. Me, my girlfriend G and here sister K will go and see Håkan Hellström. Is a Swedish artist from Göterborg and comes from the indiepop genre and that kind of grew into one of the most popular artist in Sweden. The concert will be on the legendary arena New Ullevi and I think it will be somewhere around 60 000 – 70 000 people there so it will be amazing. Is a also nice weatherreports which makes it even better because it’s an outdoor arena.  By the way in the 80’s Bruce Springsteen played here and the concert damaged the arena so they had to rebuild parts of it in order to fix it. That a hell of a concert!

I also hope to get some time to stop by dad and check out his new and first real boat but will see if there is time for that. I hope so.

Year in Music

For the second time I tried Spotifys’ feature the Year in Music. Which is a great feature and I’m really impressed by it. Its a magnificent feature that summarize your year at Spotify which is very interesting.

I started the year of 2th of January by listening to Mitt Gullbergs Kaj Paradis (Live) med Håkan Hellström. Håkan Hellström is for you who not are Swedish a famous Swedish pop artist from Gothenburg that have a background in the Swedish indie pop scen and you could say that he made it widely spread in Sweden.

Then I apparently been mainly been listening to Håkan Hellström this year in combination with a few American artists. But a lot of pop in different genres but I also discovered a new genre thats called new mellow which I apparently am listening to quite a lot. What have you been listening to this year?


Music Monday

Today is Monday and most of us are back to work and are getting into the routines of a regular week. And so am I but for me it’s a day that have a lot to do with music. 

I have a meeting with a friends as a standard part of my schedule since a few weeks back that’s concerning a music related project we have started. You will probably get to know more about that later on. Then have I also watched a tv show where famous Swedish artist interpret are each others music which is a real nice and inspiring show to watch.

Enough for today, see you tomorrow!


Picnic in the park festival

Yesterday where Sunday and as you might know me and G visited the picnic in the park festival with artists as Marit Larsen who I really liked. A new Norwegian country band named Nothern Belle which very skilled musicians. Then we also watched artists as Modeat Mouse, James Blake and Jose Gonzales to mention a few.

But not only the music where good and interesting. Also the food where great. A lot of food trucks that we saw and tried pulled pork burgers, tacos and burritos which all tasted great.

Here are some pictures from yesterday.


Festival Sunday

There has been a festival in Oslo over the weekend but me and G haven’t been there yet. But today we will go and visit the picnic festival which not is free as it might sound and it’s a music festival even if it sounds like a food festival. 

We bough the tickets a few days ago and I’m looking forward to it. There is a lot of bands that I know of but knows some of them and I’m excited to hopefully discover some new music.

So now it’s time to get ready for a festival sunday here in Oslo.

A new music project

Once again I’ve been involved in a music related project with its foundation in Sweden. The project is still under development but there will be a more public release of it some time during this summer. At least that that the plan right now. I’m involved in the photography and the website part of the project and feel super excited about this. I love having projects to work with  and this seams very interesting and I believe strongly in this project. I will keep you posted more about it when we are getting closer.

The reason to why I’m writing about this now is that today I’ve been working with the project and had a first meeting with the founder and my dear friend Alexander. Feels exciting. 


Cleaning and music project

As you might know my sister will come and visit me this weekend which I’m very much are looking forward to. So tonight I’ve been cleaning at home in order to start to get thing ready.

I’ve also talked with my friend Alexander that have a music related related project that he wants me a bit involved with. So we have been working a little bit on that as well.

More than that G is out of town so I had some extra time for my different projects. Such as the one with Alexander. I think the official release of the project looks like it will come later during this summer but a date is not set yet. But promise to keep you posted about it.