Dinner and Guitar

I had an amazing Saturday with G where we just have been having out and enjoyed to have weekend. Took a walk in the nice weather and had an nice dinner here at home and after that we just been siting and talking and have we played guitar and sang together. Love doing that but was a long time since last.

See you tomorrow!



Some time ago I wrote about the band St.Aria that are started by my friend A. What I didn’t tell you back then was that I’ve be involved in writing music and lyrics to one of their songs on their debut album.

The song is named Running and the foundation to the song was written by me and A approximately 5 years ago when we played together and the song was last year arranged and re-written a bit and released to Spotify.

Click on the link here to find it on Spotify and start listening to it St.Aria – Running.

So much better has stared

In Sweden one of the most popular tv-programs is called “so much better” that is in my own free translation into English. The program started today for this season and is a program where famous Swedish artists and get together and making their own personal interpretation of each other’s song. And in each program one of them are the main person in focus.

I really like this program as so many other swedes apparently because I think it’s the fourth or fifth season of it. I always get very inspired and want to make my own music and interpretation of others music.

It fascinating how good artist can make other song their and how you can feel that it’s really their style even if there is somebody else’s song and music from the beginning.