News: comment on the school attack in Sweden

I usually don’t comment on news on the blog but I just had to. I am from the western parts of Sweden, my girlfriends G have connections to Trollhättan Her grandpa lives in Trollhättan, her mom and uncle went to school there and I’ve been there and I pass though from time to time. An attack where innocent people get killed is just unbelievable. Honestly I never thought I could happed in Sweden but unfortunately it could.

My thoughts goes out to the people affected by this event.

This affected me and I just had to write something about it. I’ve been talking to my family today and checked in on almost all of them. Take care of each other out there!

Attached a clip from the news feed today about it.

Renewed subscription

Last night I renewed my subscription on Time Maggazine. A magazine that I like to read and especially when I travel. I almost always pick up this magazine when I’m in an airport if I can. 

This time I wasn’t in an airport, I was at home in my bed and wanted something to read on my iPad that not was a book and thy gives my food for thoughts. I like to learn more about the world and I find Time to be such a way.

A prince is born

A few day ago Sweden got a new princess in princess Sofia that got married to prince Carl Philip.

Today his sister Princess Madeline got her second child. This time a boy which means that Sweden got a new prince today.

I like this and now I’m looking forward to that the name will be announced. 

So congratulations to all you who like the Swedish royal family.


The Royal Swedish Wedding

The Swedish prince is today getting married to his girlfriend Sofia that today then become Swedena new princess. I’m a royalist so I have seen the wedding with G and my sister and her boyfriend V.

We have also done inter things today but that’s for another post. It was a beautiful wedding full of surprises and I really enjoyed following. It might also give some inspiration for a future wedding in some way. Been a lovely day and hope you had that to!


Apple WWDC 2015

Yesterday where a Apple Event, if you’re interested in tech I don’t think you’ve missed it. I saw the event and re-watched some of it today to catch up on a few things that I missed. So what are my thoughts on the event? In general I think it started of good but then I think it went less good.

OSX El Capitan

The new OS will mainly give a bump up the speed and performance of the OS and this seam like the main feature of the new OS. This where also quite expected. Otherwise the best feature accordig to me is the new features on how you can slipt a screen between to windows in the same way as you can on Microsoft Windows which is a feature I’ve been missing the the Mac for quite some time now. More than that I don’t think there where any big news for OSX.


Gets similar updates as OSX with increased performance and battery saving along with a split scree function for the iPad as it has been rumors about for almost a year now. However this was not the most impressive thing we saw during this event. There will be a proactive and improved Siri that provides you with information when you need it and that predict your behavior with your device as Google Now does today. This is a feature I really looking forward to try and are very curios at. I’ve tried Google Now on my iPhone and even on iPhone it work okay and I like the concept which I think is a part of the next generations technology for personal devices.

There will also come a new app called News which is a app very similar to Flipboard that looks great and that I’m looking forward t try as well.

They also presented the new music streaming service Apple Music that is like Spotify that didn’t impress me very much but I will most likely try it. Especially since it’s free the first three months.

This where my first summary of the event. Will probably have more thougts on it later on.

By the way all this will be released in the fall.

Preparations begins

Right now most things are about getting things done before Christmas. So today I’ve started packing for the Christmas trip back to Sweden. Not finished yet but at least I’ve started.

Also made Indian food. I really like Indian food. Something I really discovered after I meet G.

Other than that I’ve seen some tv and read some news. Apparently there where an attempted armed robbery in my hometown today so the Facebook feed is rather influenced by that. Can hardly believe it’s true that that kind if crime exists in a city like that.

Extra Swedish election

This is a historical day in Sweden, because the current government couldn’t get their budget through. That means in this case that their will be an extra election on the 22nd march. This is the first time in 57 years this happens in Sweden.

I’m not very interested in politics bit still enough to care. As all Swedes I keep my political view point secret but i don’t think this is the best solution and hope that both people and politicians takes their responsibility and make sure they get this to work this time. We can’t go to election every time a certain party want to creat chaos and starting to get tired of them.