District of Södermalm

This week I’m hanging out in Stockholm Sweden on a work trip so the days I spend in Solna south of Stockholm on a course. However, the evenings I try to do something yesterday I vistaited the museum of photography and walked around old town and the castle. Tonight I had dinner at Södermalm and SoFo. It’s a chill and hip district and I think is valued as one of the coolest districts in the world. And it’s cool and very different from a lot of other places I’ve visited. Trying to take photos and to instagram and blog.

Spa Weekend with G

This weekend I’ve been hanging out with my girlfriend G on a spa on the Swedish west coast which is a Christmas gift from my mom to us.  So we have been in the spa and in the restaurant mostly and had a great weekend but I haven’t hade the camera or my iPhone with me for pretty much all of the weekend witch might be the most relaxing thing about this weekend but we took a walk along the water this morning and then I hade my Leica T I just couldn’t skip to upload a few of these photos here on the blog.



2016 Review

First of all I just want to say happy new year everyone and thanks for reading the blog during 2016. It’s amazing to be able to run this blog.

2016 have been an intense year but I first realized when looking back at it on new years eve. So I though I would summarize it a little bit. And I have an idea of split a deeper review up during the next month.

So 2016 started I started out on my trip to Bali. Which was my first time I spent new year outside of Sweden. Bali was amazing and among the best trips of my life and right now I can see a lot of people posting from Bali on social media and I just want to go back soon again.

However the trip ended and I returned back to work and my home in Oslo. Back home in Oslo i cross country skied as much as I could and when X-games visited Oslo me and friend went and saw the big air competition which where amazing.

During the spring I celebrated my 29th birthday and I did so in Florence, Italy which where great. Don’t think I ever been to a city where I’ve eaten som much great food and been drinking so much great wine and with great I really med GREAT!

Just two weeks after my return to Oslo I went back to Italy. This time I stopped in Milan on the way to Cinque Terra where I hiked for 5 days with beautiful views.

The summer I spent in Sweden as usually together with my family and during the summer my grandpa on mother side past away. But I also had a real nice summer. Most of it by my girlfriend G’s  family’s cottage in Dalsland but also on the Swedish West coast that pretty much is Swedish summer to me. I also climbed hiked up the Norwegian mountain Gaustatoppen and meet my mom’s cousins and their children which where about the same age as me.

The autumn has I not written som much about on the blog but where among the biggest changes this year. I got a new job in Sweden that meant that I moved form Norway back home to Sweden again. However, I still travel a lot to Oslo and Norway because my girlfriend G still lives in Oslo. Much of the end of the year have been going to establishing my self back in Sweden. Taking up contact with friends in the area. Started to train lifeguarding again.

It’s been an intense year and I already now know that 2017 might be a even bigger year for me. I will let you know soon what this hint is about.

Night sky Photography 

Saturday night me and My girlfriend G’s dad H went out on the terress to the cottage in Dalsland and tried to take photos of the clear night sky that where filled with stars. Don’t know if I ever seen as many stars as I saw last night where almost unbelievable.

Here is a photo from the little photoshoot I had Saturday night in Dalsland.


Sunday walk

Last Sunday me and my girlfriend G took a walk along the new walk along the waterfront here in Oslo. It a rather new walk and our walk became approximately 10 km.

I took my camera with me and works o. My photography skills. Think photograph is very fun and it’s a interest I’ve got and that I really like to improve. Here are some photos from the walk.


Picnic in the park festival

Yesterday where Sunday and as you might know me and G visited the picnic in the park festival with artists as Marit Larsen who I really liked. A new Norwegian country band named Nothern Belle which very skilled musicians. Then we also watched artists as Modeat Mouse, James Blake and Jose Gonzales to mention a few.

But not only the music where good and interesting. Also the food where great. A lot of food trucks that we saw and tried pulled pork burgers, tacos and burritos which all tasted great.

Here are some pictures from yesterday.


First day, Rome and the Vatican

First real day in Rome for this trip. And I had booked tickets to the Vatican museum and a guided tour there. I’ve been to the Vatican museum two times earlier but it has never been better. The museum is 7 km of hallways read I somewhere and no doubt that we walked much but I like walking so it suited me well. Have to say that the collections in the Vatican museum is stunning in fact sometime it so much and majestic that I don’t know if I’m able to get all impression into my head. The guide where also great but understood at other friends that the quality an vary a bit. 

After the museum we took and ate lunch a bit from the Vatican and it where a nice pasta and a Classic Italian Peroni beer. All of this in just my shirt and chinos in the 20 degree Celsius sun. Guess if that was welcome after 20 centimeters of snow and freezing minus degrees just two days ago. It’s like Swedish summer here in Rome right now and that’s just insanely nice for me. But I realize that the Italians think it’s col because it looks like they walk around in winter jackets.




Afte lunch it was time for the St Peters church which is the largest Christian church in the world and it’s very impressive and majestic. So walked around in that and saw the statue of Rafael. The tomb of the Swedish Queen Kristina and the we walked down into the crypt where the tombs of the popes are. Didn’t think that was open to the public but apparently it was and appreciated very much to see it. Then er ende the tour with looking at the Swiss guard. For many people this would be a full day but not for me and I shows mom Castello St Angelo down by the river and a walked over the St Angelo with its 10 angels.



Then we walked small Italian streets and mom got some shopping and I got my daily Italian gelato which is Italian ice cream.

Then we walked home and passed by piazza Navona which is very beautiful. The we made a stop and visited Pantheon the oldest complete building in entire Rome and where the tomb of the artist Rafael is located and also Emanuell Vittoria II the king that united Italy to one country. 

Then we walked by Fontana di Trevi and tossed coins in the fountain and took a look at it before we went back to the hotel to prepare for tonight’s dinner. No idea where we will eat tonight but will write about it later on.

Weekend in Copenhagen

Have been trying to post this for a while now but today I finally got some pictures in from the trip into this post. This is about the weekend in Copenhagen two weekends ago.

It’s was a great weekend in Copenhagen for me and G. We arrived rather late at Friday evening and checked in at the hotel and then went out for a short walk and got something to eat. In this case it was a classic red Danish sausage.

Saturday started off by breakfast and then we got ready for the baptism of some friends daughter in Lund, Sweden. Took the train to Sweden which where very easy to do and worked perfect an took less than an hour. The baptism where beautiful and it where a traditional Swedish baptism in the church and afterward it where some Coffe and cake and we got to socialize with our friends. After that we had a short walk in Lund and had some lunch.

After that we headed back with the train to Copenhagen and Denmark. For a little walk in Copenhagen and then some dinner at the restaurant Madklubben Bistro-de-lux. Then the day where pretty much over since both me and G where rather tired after the day.

Sunday where mainly a shopping day but also to walk around a little bit. After that we headed out to the airport and did some tax free shopping and just relaxed until our flight for Oslo left. A great weekend where we visited all Scandinavia countries.

Great weekend and really like Copenhagen so would like to go back soon again. Then I hope to write some reviews of restaurants and so on as soon as I get the time and post them here on the blog.

By the way I nerver thought I would say this but I love Copenhagen.

Tuesday thoughts

Yesterday I started packing my bags for later this week. On Thursday I will be traveling for a short stop in Sweden. I will attend a meeting for the association where I’m one of the board members. Looking forward to this and hopefully I will get the opportunity to meet some friends at the same time.

I also will be staying at my moms so will be nice to see her as well. Haven’t seen her in a long time. Now when I get to think about it. I don’t think I’ve seen her since the beginning of January. That’s a long time for me without meeting my family.

But I’m back again on Friday in Oslo to meet up with G. We have some special weekend plans. I will tell you more about this plans on Friday. That’s a long time without seeing my family. Before I moved from Gothenburg to Norway I saw them rather often so that’s a change.

Here are some photos from last time I visited Gothenburg.