Movie Review: Paddington

Paddington where one of my favorite childhood books so when the movie came out I just had to see it. Just as a trip down a long memory lane.

The movie is as you already might have understood based on the childrens books about the bear Paddington from Peru that lives in London with his newly found family. The story is okay but I see ways it could have been better which is a bit bad when the basics of the story are so promising.

Visually the movie is colorful and beautiful and what I find as the message of the movie is also good and maybe more relevant than ever. The animation of Paddington himself is also very good and it really makes him come alive.

A movie full of love and it’s a good family movie I have to say that I would recommend as a family movie. But there are improvements that could have made it better and thats why I’, just giving it 3 out of 5 points even if I so very much would like to give it 4  I just can’t.

As alway here below is the trailer for the movie if you curious.

Restaurant Review: Madklubben Bistro-de-lux

During my weekend in Copenhagen me and G visited the restaurant Madklubben Bistro-De-Lux. Which is located near by Nyhavn and Kongens Nytorv.

Interior where great would call it Scandinavian and clean. Modern but bit old influences which where something I really liked.

The concept is that you choose how many courses you will eat and that it’s a “base price” for all of this.

2 courses = 150 DDK
3 courses = 200 DDK
4 courses = 250 DDK

Smart en simple. Then you add om extra if you want something more fancy or so on. This means that you most likely will pay some extra for the food anyway in order to get what you really want. However the “basic menu” is real good.

I ate the starter of the day which is form day to day and for this I payed some extra and it was good. Then I had the main course with chicken which where absolutely good but not the best main dish I’ve eaten. And the I had the cardamom ice cream and cake desert which tasted great. To all of this I had a nice glass of Italian wine for the price of approximately 90 DDK.

The taste experience where good and I liked the food but it was nothing special for me. I would love to say that it was great but it was good or even very good but not more than that to me.

I would however warmly recommend it and with the prices taken into account I would definitely recommend it. Not often you get three courses and wine for under 50 Euro or 500 DDK anywhere in the world. It get 4 out of 5 points from me.

Restaurant Review: Graffiti Cafe

During my visit in Lund last weekend I visited Graffiti cafe for a quick lunch.

The interior is classic Swedish café interior but rather cosy and big windows towards the cosy little street outside in the heart of Lund.

I tried the baked potatoes with seafood. This must be one of the classics and its good. To bad that it feels like its a seafood covered baked potato. This made me a bit disappointed but it was good and so much food anyway that I got full. It serves it purpose and it’s an okay restaurant/cafe but would not give it my recommendations. It get 2 out 5 points.

Movie Review: Django Unchained

A few days ago I saw Django Unchanied. I would categorize it as western/action movie. I will start of by saying what might one of the more controversial things I have said. Normally I don’t like Tarantino movies but this one is the best I’ve seen, in fact I think that it’s really good.

Django is a slave in America just before the civil war. He meet a German bounty hunter and they team up and the movie pretty much takes of from there.I wound say more in order not to spoil the movie.

Acting is good in my opinion and I really like Jamie Foxx in this movie as I so often do. Think he’s doing o good job.

I can definitely recommend this movie and I would give it 4 out of 5 points.

Below I have attached the trailer for you who are curious abut the movie.

Restaurant Review: Pizzeria Pancetta Majurstua

Time for another restaurant review. This time it’s Pizzeria Pancetta Majorstua that I will review. Note that this is no restaurant where you sit and eat but more of a place for take away and it’s with that in mind I have reviewed the restaurant.

The interior is nothing special neither more or less than I’ve expected. If you’re here you’re here to buy take away pizza and you get what you want. But that lowers the score some. A rather nice menu with something for most people, I’ve been eating here a few time and my favorite so far is the Sorba the Greek pizza.

Best pizza I’ve tried in Oslo so far which is a good grade but for pizza in general its good and even on the higher part of good.

I would recommend it and I give it 3 out of 5 points. It’s close to a 4 but it’s not there yet at least.

If you want to try it here is some useful information.

The adress is:
Kirkeveien 69
0364 Oslo

the webpage is:

Movie Review: Pompeii

Friday evening and I’ve seen the movie Pompeii. Had in my thoughts for a while to see it and tonight I finally got some time for it.

The movie is exactly what you think it’s about in a kind of way and a bit like the gladiator. Nice movie and I would say it’s good. It’s just so I would say that it’s worth seeing.

I would give it 3 out of 5 points.

Plus for nice scenery and costumes.

As always with these reviews have I attached the trailer here below.

Movie Review: The Monuments Men

A few days ago I watched the the monuments men and I thought that I would share my thought on it.

The monuments men has so much going for it or at least is that what it looks like. A movie about odd characters with an art and history interest that would like to protect the history and art for the world against Hitler during the world war two. And almost a little treasure-hunt thing going on and some Indiana Jones feeling to it, but its nothing like that. A lot of well known actors such for example George Clone and Matt Diamond but it doesn’t help. Sorry its okay but I’ve expected more out of it.

I would not recommend this movie. I would rate it and give it 3 out of 5 points, its a okay movie but there is so much better once you can see instead.

Would you like to see the trailer of the movie, its here below.