NHL: Swedish Norris Trophy Candidates 

When this season started I had went through what Swedish Defenders that might be able to be contenders for this years Norris Trophy.

1. Erik Karlsson
The two time winner of the Norris Trophy and the captain of the Ottawa Senators. Karlsson makes so many points that he get in among the players with most points in the NHL overall. Quick and offensive qualities that often gives Ottawa an extra edge. I think he will be a contender this year and I’ve though so all season long.
2. Victor Hedman
Rather similar qualities as Karlsson and can when he’s in the right shape also produce points but he’s also good in the defensive game. In the Stanley Cup final and the playoff he was one of the best players in Tampa Bay Lightning. Unfortunately he haven’t started the seasons as good as we all hoped and he doesn’t play first power play right now either. If he get more even on the high level of hockey he has with he can become a contender but I think it will be though this year. But he still have many good years in front of him to compete for that title.
3. John Klingberg
I know he’s goo I’ve seen him in the SHL before he came to NHL and both he and Karlsson comes from the same Swedish SHL club Frölunda. Similar to Karlsson with big offensive qualities. So far he have really delivered and for a while he had the most points of all players in the entire NHL. Even more than all forwards. And he have made more points than Erik Karlsson himself. Thir guy I though would be a dark horse for the Norris Trophy I would see as a clear contender this year.
4. Oliver Ekman Larsson
A good defender but he plays of Arizona which not exactly is the best team in the NHL but this season they have got a better team and seams to slowly be moving forward and then Ekman Larsson might get a better shoot on the Norris Trophy.
There are also other great Swedish defenders such as Hampus Lindholm but I think I playa a to defensive style to win right now. There is also several Swedish defensmen who now I reaching a higher age and because of that not will be able to fight for this trophy but still are great defensmen.

Swedish Hockey Leauge has started

So finally the hockey season have started at least here in Sweden. For the NHL I will have to wait some more before but I will manage. However, the Swedish Hockey League (SHL) is for you who don’t know the third best league in the world after the NHL and KHL. Its also a league that produces a lot of players to the both there other leagues and especially the NHL.

I haven’t got the opportunity to watch any game so far because I live in Norway its make it a bit more difficult to watch but I solve it from time to time anyway.

So far both Färjestad and Frölunda are the only two teams that won both their games so far. But from what I predict for this season these two teams should be two of the contenders for the title this year. Even if you really can’t make any predictions from the results so far. However my predictions for these two teams are more built on what players they have on the roster this year.

Are you interested in SHL and like it or want to know more, please leave a comment below.

Want to try Stand Up Paddleboard

Since last summer I want to try a stand   up paddleboard or a SUP as its shortened as I’ve learned along the way. I’ve been looking at trying this a long time now and this might be the summer when I can make it happened. I’ve so far scouted at least one sure location to try a SUP along the way of my road trip and I know probably at least one location in Sweden as well. But I hope I get to try this during my California road trip. 

Then a few days ago I also got a message form G’s sister that thought we should have one of these at the cabin in Dalsland so we will se if one of these end up there as well.

Have you tried SUP yet?


Hockey: Videoblogg on world championships, part 1

So finally I got the time to try out to record an episode of a videoblogg. The topic this time became world championships in hockey. Where a nice way to share my thoughts and I hope you enjoyed it. If so I will try it again later on. Hope you enjoy it here is the videoblogg for today.

Ladies Skiathlon

Not all days I’m a big fan and are so Swedish and exciting about cross country skiing and to really sit down and watch it, or in this case more hover a few centimeters above the sofa. Just seen the ladies skiathlon in the world championship in cross country skiing and what a race. So exciting and what fight between Johaug (Norway), Jacobsen (Norway) and Kalla (Sweden). Congratulations to then all and now I’m recharging for the skiathlon for men later today.

As you can see is the Swedish flag is out in order the cheer for team Sweden.


Peter the great

I’m a hockey fan and I still love the game in all kind of aspects and right now I follow both the NHL and SHL regularly. I played hockey back in Sweden for for almost 10 years when I was younger. A couple of weeks ago one of the greatest got into the hockey hall of fame. If you ask almost any Swede about the Olympics 1994 the penalty shoot by Peter Forsberg is the thing they will remember. It was epic, in fact it was so epic that it got its own post stamp in Sweden.

In fact I got my own memory of that penalty, sitting on a small chair together with my sister and praying to God that Sweden would win and the happiness in our home that night was just amazing. Since that Peter Forsberg is a hockey hero and the hockey tournament in the Olympics is something you just can’t miss.

He was a great hockey player and couldn’t resist to write at least something about it now when he got into the hockey hall of fame. Even if I’m a few weeks late. I’ve posted a video about his career below for you who love the game of hockey.

Evening at home

Okey tomorrow it’s Friday again bit first I have tonight. G is out traveling this week but tonight is here only evening at home so we are hanging out and eating and spending it together here at home.

But tomorrow is Friday and my lifeguarding buddy from Gothenburg is coming to visit me over the weekend. Haven’t seen him since last summer so really looking forward to hang out with him.

I’ve also gotten some time to watch my favorite Swedish hockey team to play. A real good game so far.