Hockey: Videoblogg on world championships, part 1

So finally I got the time to try out to record an episode of a videoblogg. The topic this time became world championships in hockey. Where a nice way to share my thoughts and I hope you enjoyed it. If so I will try it again later on. Hope you enjoy it here is the videoblogg for today.

Ladies Skiathlon

Not all days I’m a big fan and are so Swedish and exciting about cross country skiing and to really sit down and watch it, or in this case more hover a few centimeters above the sofa. Just seen the ladies skiathlon in the world championship in cross country skiing and what a race. So exciting and what fight between Johaug (Norway), Jacobsen (Norway) and Kalla (Sweden). Congratulations to then all and now I’m recharging for the skiathlon for men later today.

As you can see is the Swedish flag is out in order the cheer for team Sweden.


Peter the great

I’m a hockey fan and I still love the game in all kind of aspects and right now I follow both the NHL and SHL regularly. I played hockey back in Sweden for for almost 10 years when I was younger. A couple of weeks ago one of the greatest got into the hockey hall of fame. If you ask almost any Swede about the Olympics 1994 the penalty shoot by Peter Forsberg is the thing they will remember. It was epic, in fact it was so epic that it got its own post stamp in Sweden.

In fact I got my own memory of that penalty, sitting on a small chair together with my sister and praying to God that Sweden would win and the happiness in our home that night was just amazing. Since that Peter Forsberg is a hockey hero and the hockey tournament in the Olympics is something you just can’t miss.

He was a great hockey player and couldn’t resist to write at least something about it now when he got into the hockey hall of fame. Even if I’m a few weeks late. I’ve posted a video about his career below for you who love the game of hockey.

Evening at home

Okey tomorrow it’s Friday again bit first I have tonight. G is out traveling this week but tonight is here only evening at home so we are hanging out and eating and spending it together here at home.

But tomorrow is Friday and my lifeguarding buddy from Gothenburg is coming to visit me over the weekend. Haven’t seen him since last summer so really looking forward to hang out with him.

I’ve also gotten some time to watch my favorite Swedish hockey team to play. A real good game so far.

Hockey and cleaning

Cleaning and hockey is a perfect combination. Hate cleaning but who don’t l? So I’m cleaning here at home and just watched my favorite team Frölunda Indiana from Gothenburg win gains Modo from Örnsköldsvik. Great to see them win. They are looking strong this year hope they win this year.

Seasons first NHL-game

Tonight G have been working late and then I took the opportunity to watch some hockey while I was preparing dinner. So I look if there was any games and the game between Boston and Colorado was on so followed it.

First NHL game I watched this season and was a good game that wasn’t over until there was 0.4 seconds left. Also a lot of Swedish player to follow such as the goalie Niklas Svedberg the was the net-minder for Boston in this game.

Impressed by the Swedes in Boston, I my op pinion the line with Eriksson and Soderberg was the best line in Boston tonight. Think they both will have a great season.

Always fun to watch great hockey. Not always the games from the NHL i broadcasted in such good times for my.

Warming up to NHL

NHL season starts to warm up. Pre season games starts and the blogs and news about the start become more and more frequent. I’m happy for this, soon can I follow also the NHL. For all of you that wonder what favorite team I have, it’s the New York Rangers. One of the original six, classic team and they got Henrik Lundquist.

So as you might understood that already.

Soon it on!

SHL premier

Last night was the opening night for the Swedish Hockey League (SHL). Only one game and that between Luleå and Skellefteå. Both teams from the northern part of Sweden.

I got some time to watch the game and saw the most of it. Was a great opening game with physical game and ended with shoot outs.

Today there is a few more games among them my favorite team Frölunda but we will see if I get time to watch it.

See you soon!

Different Thursday

Last night was the last night together with my girldfriend for this week. Today she will travel with some friends and be away for the weekend. So we spent last night with going out to dinner again.

This time to the Italian restaurant Vapiano. I went with an excellent pasta and she with the ravioli. Its a cosy restaurant for interior that’s a bit italian and a bit Scandinavian.

It’s a bit like a mix between a regular restaurant and a fast food restaurant. Food is great and price is okey for being Oslo in my opinion. If I should grade it it would get 4 out of 5 points.

Before dinner we took a walk in central Oslo which was great and the weather was sunny and warm. Almost like summer again.

Then we went home and she prepared by packing for her trip and I watched some CHL hockey. Watched the game between my favorite team Frölunda and Geneva. The we just relaxed together for the rest of the evening.

Was a great Thursday a bit out of the ordinary.

Yahoo Fantasy Hockey

Finally got my team had the draft last weekend and pretty happy for the team I drafted.

Oh, for you who don’t know what I’m talking about the yahoo fantasy hockey is a game where you manage a hockey team for a season in a league on the yahoo site. Tried it last year and thought it was fun. Last year I made some mistakes getting a lot Swedish players. This year I’ve tried to get a bit wide team but still with many Swedes. Can’t help that we got so many interesting players. Hope it will turn out better this year.