Skiing Weekend!

This weekend I finally went skiing. After last weekends failed attempt to go cross country skiing due to a sick wife we finally made it this weekend.Perfect weather with clear blue sunny skies, a lot of snow and minus 13 degrees Celsius. Doesn’t get much better than that to be honest.We went to a place about 1 hour north of Oslo by car called Brovoll. The only way to get there is by car as I know. This isn’t a ski resort or something like that but an small place that was recommended by Norwegian friends. A small house with a small cafe and just first class tracks for cross country skiing. Where an amazing weekend and getting out into the woods on skies a sunny winters day is hard to beat. The snow covered trees and the meter think layer of snow that covers the ground. The silence of absolutely nothing is breathtaking. When I go skiing in that kind of conditions everything else just disappears. It’s good for me I’m sure it that. By the way had my GoPro with my and just had to try it out. Might come a short video later.Have you tried cross country skiing? Let me know if you want to try Brovoll and I can give you the location more exact.


Lifeguard Thursday!

It’s back! Lifeguard Thursday! Back in Gothenburg and trying to get into good routines and good habits. Before I moved to Oslo I trained lifeguarding once a week and where even competing in it. After moving back to Gothenburg it’s been a bit difficult to settle in and get things to work with a new job and a lot of traveling to Oslo and finding an apartment among other things but now I’m hoping all of that is set and I’m good to get to start with the lifeguarding again.

It’s now everyone that knows that lifeguarding is a sport that you could compete in and in Scandinavia we got a lifeguarding competition called Nordic relay that’s adapted to indoors which I’m real great full for with our climate. However there is also international versions and competitions. Did you for example know that USA tried to get the international type of the sport to become and Olympic sport.

This photo is from the Swedish championships 2017.

X-Games Big Air

X-games has been in Oslo the last four days and I don’t think I ever consumed so much extreme sports before. Started out Thursday night by watching some skateboarding on tv. And the Friday I watched the ladies super half pipe on tv which was awesomeBut the big thing for me during X-games in Oslo was when j went to see the big air competitions with S yesterday on Tøyen parken. The vibe was great and everything was just so cool and had so much fun. Really hope X-games comes back to Oslo soon again. Then the swedes took one bronze medal and one gold medal which didn’t make it worse.

Then I’ve got to admit that today I couldn’t just don’t watch any x-games so I watched the men’s ski super half pipe. Pretty cool I got to say. 

Have so video from the big air event. Will see if I can upload it to the blog as well later maybe.


X-Games Oslo Tickets

GMy girlfriend came home today in her new X-games hat that she got as a gift at work. Looked pretty cool to be honest. But that made us realize that there is X-games going on in the end of February here in Oslo. Unfortunately G is a away on a trip with some friends but fortunately some my best friend S is here. So we bought tickets to the Big Air finals on the 27th here in Oslo. I’m super excited to go on this event and to get to spend time with S. It will be awesome.


SHL: Brynäs

So I thighs I would kick of this with introduce you to the first of the teams in the Swedish hockey league (SHL).

This is a real classic Swedish hockey team and they have won the championship 13 times and produces and the club is over 100 years old that’s tradition. The team is from the city of Gävle. So what famous players at from Brynäs? The first Swedish player inducted into the Hockey Hall of fame and with his own statue in Toronto where he played for many years, the one and only Börje Salming.  Another top NHL players that come from this team is Nicklas Bäckström the Washington Captials center. Vancovers backup goalie Jacob Markström, Eddie Läck the Caroline Hurricane goalie and Niklas Svedberg who played  backup goalie in Boston last year and now players in the KHL. So they e produces quite a lot of goalies the last year. Then there is the up and coming Jacob Silferberg, the forward that represents Anaheim Ducks today.

So far this year Brynäs have surprised be and among the top teams. I think that they defiantly will be a playoff team this year but I think they need some more time in order a team than can win the championship. 

NHL: Season has started

This week the NHL season started and I’m excited to follow it as much as I can. Hope to find time to watch it here from Norway.

Norway is not a very big hockey nation but I’m sure I will find a way to follow it. It’s not the the easiest thing here in Norway but I’m sure I will find a way.

 I’m already started to catch up help of several podcast from both North America and Sweden. So I’m super excited. 


NFL Pickem

I started o play the NFL Pickem game which pretty much is a game where you guess what team wins what game in order to get points. This week which is week 3 in the NFL didn’t exactly go as I thought but it isn’t went totally wrong either. However, I like watching the NFL and its fun way to follow it got a rookie follower as I am. Trying to learn more about the game.

So that’s it the post. See you tomorrow.

Congratulations Chicago Blackhawks 

A few days ago Chicago Blackhawks won game 6 agains Tampa Bay Lighting and secured the title as 2015 Stanley Cup Champions. So I would like to congratulate Chicago to the title even if my heart is with another NHL team. And I would like to congratulate the Swedish defender Niklas Hjalmarsson to his 3rd Stanely Cup title. It’s not many other Swedes that have that won that many.

Then by a coincident G visited Chicago a few weeks ago and she knows that I love hockey and the NHL so see bought me a Chicago Blackhawks hat and I have to say that is fun to have a hat that’s bought in Chicago the yet they won the Stanely Cup.

What’s now really interesting is to see what kind of Chicago will make to their team. We all know that they have to make changes because of the salary cap sealing.

Again congratulations Chicago!

Hockey and Food

Yesterday where a rather slow day but I talked quickly with G that are in Chicago. There is something about hearing your loved once voices when you miss them. Can’t really explain it but it’s a nice feeling.

But that was just a short moment of my day. I also watched some hockey especially the game between Sweden and Latvia that Sweden won which where fun. 

Then we have tried a concept where you get food on the door. You get a recepie and all the ingredients and that makes you 4 portions of food in 3 days. So rather late last night I made the first dish for this week. Tasted good so nothing to complain at.

That was my Monday, how where your Monday?


Hockey: Presidents Trophy

With two games left of the regular serie the New York Rangers secured the Presidenta Trophy which makes the the best team in the entire NHL during the regular season. I got to say that I didn’t expect that before this season started. And I’m a Rangers fan. A good day to be a Rangers fan.

Last time the Rangers won the Presidents Throphy where 1994 which is also the year when they won the Stanely Cup last time. To be honest I didn’t expect them to win this. I don’t take for granted the Stanely Cup but this definatley gives me hope for it. Might be a very interesting NHL playoffs.


Let’s go Rangers!